Carrie Underwood Concert at ETSU

Carrie Every country music fan in Northeast Tennessee probably knows that tickets for Carrie Underwood’s only college appearance this year, went on sale today at East Tennessee State University. And, I heard something about that upcoming concert that bothers me.

I was told, by someone who went to get tickets, that there are NO CAMERAS ALLOWED at this March 28 concert! None. No cameras, no cell phones with cameras — nothing. Maybe the person who told me got the information wrong. Maybe they will allow cameras. But in either case, I decided this was a good time for my thoughts on the subject of “concerts and cameras”.

I can certainly understand why they don’t want us going in with tape recorders, video cameras, or anything that might be used to reproduce the concert for sale later. But I can not for the life of me figure out why anyone in the entertainment field would not want to have their photograph taken by their fans.

I guess the entertainers sometimes forget who put them where they are today. They forget about who buys their CD’s, requests their records be played on the radio, and who buys the tickets to their concerts.

One thing these entertainers need to remember is that every time they step out on that stage – there is at least one person in the audience who had to save their money to be able to buy a ticket and come to that show. They should be able to go home with more than a ticket stub and a memory of the concert – they should have pictures for their scrapbooks, their wall, or whatever else they want to do with them.

I’m not blaming the entertainers entirely – I know there are management teams, producers, record people – all putting their two cents in. But when someone decides that “no cameras are allowed” – apparently that’s the way it has to be. And, I say it’s wrong.

Let me know what you think about the camera restrictions. Maybe I’m the only one who feels cheated when I can’t get a picture or two at a concert. Drop me a line, or leave a comment.

One more thing…Happy Birthday, Carrie, who is celebrating her 25th birthday today. Carrie was born in Checotah, Okla. on March 10, 1983.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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