John W Stone record reminds everyone to “Get Out & Vote!”

607482R11514A_14A_233 John W. Stone is reminding everyone that Nov. 4, 2008, is a very important Election Day, with his recording "Get Out & Vote." The song was written by John, along with Teddy Gentry (Alabama Band, and producer for Emerson Drive and Eric Drrance), and Randy Boudreauxs (songwriter/producer for Joe Nichols, Tracy Lawrence and David Kersh). It was recorded at Sound Kitchen in Franklin.

"A lot of men and women lost their lives to give us the right to vote. It’s within our power to make a change and steer the direction of this country; it’s our obligation and duty as Americans to "Get Out & Vote!," said Teddy Gentry.

John Stone is a recording artist and Desert Storm Veteran. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Appalachian Fair a few years back, when he opened for Craig Morgan. He put on a great show, and was nice enough to hang out with fans before and after his performance.

607482R11615A_15A_234 "There is no doubt this campaign stirs up questions and indecision, but I can remember no time in my lifetime, that an election has been more important to our country’s future. Our most powerful voice is to make the choice… and vote," John said. "The only vote that is wasted is the one that is not cast! If this song inspires just one person to vote (who has never voted, or may not otherwise), then I feel like our message was successful."

"Get Out & Vote" is being called the 24-hour anthem to encourage all Americans to vote in the 2008 presidential election.

Those of you who have never seen John perform should visit his web site, listen to his music, and check out his schedule. You can often catch him at Tootsie’s in Nashville. I don’t think it matters how many songs he does, "Do The Math," will always be one of my favorites.

Going to wrap things up for here tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me. Talk to you all soon. Remember to drop me a line when you get a minute!


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