A little more Jypsi in Kingsport, Tenn.

Jypsi Kingsport 081 Yesterday, I told you all a little about Jypsi’s great show in Kingsport Friday night. I have a few things to add to that, and want to get more photos up here for you today. I don’t know how many of you have had the opportunity to see a live Jypsi show – but you have to believe me when I tell you this – if you haven’t seen them yet, get it on your “to do” list. You won’t be sorry. They’re extremely talented musicians and vocalists, and I just can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed seeing them, and listening to their music. But mostly this morning, I wanted to share photos of the some of the people who were at the show.

Jypsi Kingsport 027 First of all, we have Copper Ridge, from Gate City, Va. This great local band opened for Jyspi on Thursday night. They sing a lot of country songs everyone is familiar with, and even some original numbers. Randy Kilgore is lead singer, and also plays rhythm guitar. James Pierson is on drums, and he sings, too. Jason Perry plays bass, and Glen Graham is on lead guitar – both of these band members also add their vocal talents to the performance. Last, we have Robert Falin – who changes from steel guitar, to banjo, to fiddle, to harmonica (and I could probably go on) throughout the performance. Southwest Virginia has a lot to be proud of with this group. Be sure to visit their MySpace page for more about Copper Ridge.



Below are more pictures of Jypsi with some of their fans, including Neil Purdy and Larry Lawson, two members of the band Black Hat. I hope the manager of the Bus Pit will drop me a note and tell me his name, I think it’s Brad. But I could be wrong. It looks like I’m missing about 2 pages of notes from Thursday night. He’s also pictured with Jypsi from Thursday night. And, I can’t leave out some of the great kids that were at this concert. So I hope you guys enjoy all the pictures that follow.

Jypsi Kingsport 177    Jypsi Kingsport 175 Jypsi Kingsport 171    Jypsi Kingsport 167 Jypsi Kingsport 165    Jypsi Kingsport 162

Jypsi Kingsport 155    Jypsi Kingsport 158 Jypsi Kingsport 159    Jypsi Kingsport 163  Jypsi Kingsport 172    Jypsi Kingsport 156

That’ll do it for now. I have another very busy Saturday ahead of me. I’ll talk to you all real soon.

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