Country rapper Colt Ford sings about Bristol Motor Speedway

Colt I spent quite a while listening to Colt Ford’s new CD, “Ride Through the Country.” I’m still trying to make up my mind if I like it. Colt can sing, but the problem I had with the CD, is that  he isn’t singing. It’s more like country rap. Not exactly my cup of tea.

I clicked right on the first track, where he gets a little help from John Michael Montgomery, and there was that rap thing going on. So I listened to the one with Jamey Johnson. I like Jamey Johnson – a lot. But again, country rap. I really don’t get it. But that’s just my opinion.

“Never Thought” is a slow one. But, I can’t call it a slow song. Cause he was talking again. And, I guess that’s pretty much what Colt is… he is a country rapper, by his own definition. In the song “Saddle Up,” he even says that. The last song on the CD is called “I Can’t Sing.” I think he can sing. And I would like him to do more singing. I really can’t handle the rapping. Sorry, Colt.

colt-ford-199x300 Colt does have one song, “Racin’ The Way It Oughta Be,” which is pretty much the slogan for Bristol Motor Speedway, on the racing-themed CD, Bristol Nights: The Official Music of Bristol Motor Speedway. I live pretty close to Bristol. There are a lot of huge NASCAR fans in these parts. And right now, everyone is getting ready for the Food City 250 on Friday night, Aug. 21, and the Sharpie 500, on Saturday night, Aug. 22. The Fall race is the big one here at Bristol. And up until this year, you really couldn’t get tickets. They were sold out for years, and only people who purchased them years in advance had them. This year, there are still some tickets available for this awesome Saturday night race. If you are close to Bristol, or would like to visit this area for the race, click here for tickets.

coltf "Having a chance to do a song with NASCAR and–in my opinion– one of the greatest tracks in the history of racing was a dream for me," says Ford. The song is part of the 12-song compilation currently available on iTunes and Amazon that commemorates NASCAR’s most-revered racetrack and captures the excitement of racing at "The World’s Fastest Half Mile," Bristol’s signature night race, the raw power of the Bristol Dragway and the unmatched Bristol Fan experience.  Bristol Motor Speedway hosts its next NASCAR weekend on August 21-22 where more than 160,000 fans will flock to Thunder Valley to witness the Sharpie 500 (Aug. 22) and Food City 250 (Aug. 21).  Ford adds, "I would love to play a show at that night race!"

Ford’s track, "Racin’ The Way It Ought’a Be" and the entire soundtrack can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon or by visiting www.bristolmotorspeedway.com. There are probably a lot of people out there who will like Colt’s music. I like him. He’s cute, but I don’t think he’s country. He’s a rapper, plain and simple.

I’d love for all of you to go visit his web site, and listen to his music, and let me know what you think. Here’s a little bit of our rapping cowboy, Colt Ford.

That’s it for this morning. It’s Friday. The last work day for this week. You guys have a good day, and a great weekend. Talk to you soon.

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