Deana Carter & Brandon Malone marry on Malibu Beach

Deena wedding Deana Carter, best known (by me at least) for those great songs “Strawberry Wine,” and “We Danced Anyway,” got married on Oct. 3, on Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, Calif. Love the dress! From the sun setting in the background, looks like an early evening wedding. That had to be beautiful!

Seems like the wedding on the beach and the honeymoon, are both really romantic, and different. Beach weddings are always gorgeous, but for their honeymoon, Deana and her new husband, Brandon Malone, are driving through California, and camping out along the way. I hope she’s not cooking freshly caught fish over an open fire. It’s her honeymoon!

Country Weekly magazine will have more details about the wedding and exclusive photos in an upcoming issue. Sometimes I think we should let our entertainers alone and let them have their privacy, and yet, I really like it when they share pictures with us in magazines and on their web sites.

Deana A little info from her bio tells us she is a Nashville native, and the daughter of studio guitarist Fred Carter Jr. Her debut album, “Did I Shave My Legs for This,” was released in 1996. She grew up in a musical environment and was exposed to a wide variety of music. Her dad played guitar for a wide variety of musicians, including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings and Simon and Garfunkel. “The music of those artists would eventually seep into Deana’s own style” her bio said.

Deana performed with Willie Nelson at Farm Aid VII in 1994, and was the only female on the bill that year. Within a year of that performance, she signed a deal with Capitol Nashville. She co-wrote six of the songs on her debut CD,

Deana1 In 1996 she won a CMA for “Strawberry Wine.” That same song was nominated for a Grammy. I looked all over YouTube for a clip of the award presentation – as I remember it, they announced Deana’s name, and she jumped, skipped and bounced across the stage, and right up into the arms of Vince Gill. Somehow, I just can’t believe I didn’t find that on YouTube.

But, if you don’t remember her video for “Strawberry Wine”, or if you’re like me and just want to see it again – head on over to YouTube. If you get a minute, you might want to check out the other Deana videos over at YouTube.

I better run along and get my Sunday started. I hope you all have a great day.

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