7 Months in the making, Jimmy Wayne’s Meet Me Half Way reaches its end in Phoenix

Jimmy Wayne casted “I keep saying it’s amazing, It’s more than that to me. Places like this that do this for the youth out there – if it weren’t for places like this I wouldn’t be where I’m at.” Those were Jimmy Wayne’s on Saturday, July 31, when he reached Phoenix, Ariz., and the end of his seven month walk from Nashville, Tenn.

Just five miles from completing his journey, Jimmy ended up in a doctor’s office for x-rays and a diagnosis of a broken bone in the back of his ankle. It will take six to eight weeks to completely heal.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 065 The Project Meet Me Half Way web site tells us that Jimmy survived a turbulent and abusive childhood. He was moved from one foster home to another. He spent part of his teens living on the street, until a couple in North Carolina, Russell and Beatrice Costner, took him in and gave him a family. Before that, he was homeless and “close to hopeless.’ He remembers the feeling of being without a family, and without a home. And he talked about it, and the Costners, when I saw him in concert last year in Gray, Tenn.

His Project Meet Me Half Way was to raise awareness about the fact that too many youth, especially those that are aging out of the foster care system, are facing circumstances similar to those he faced. The purpose of this walk was to help raise awareness of homeless children and teens, especially those who age out of the foster care system.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 185 I didn’t actually walk any of those miles with Jimmy. But like everyone who follows him on Twitter, we were there. We were there for every UStream live report, we were there following every ‘tweet’ along the way. I think it was as good for us, the listeners, as it was for Jimmy to reflect on his past, and remember the things he went through growing up. And hearing him talk about not wanting others to have to experience those things. Meet me Halfway was a major undertaking for Jimmy. And I’m sure he is thrilled to have completed such a great achievement.

If any of you missed what I had to say about  Jimmy last year, after seeing him at our Appalachian Fair, you can read that article here. You’ll realize right away that I found him to be talented, energetic, friendly, someone who takes nothing for granted, and an entertainer who obviously cares about his fans.

Here’s the YouTube video of Jimmy’s visit to the doctor. The video is titled “On  His Last Leg.” I think I would have called it “Putting His Best Foot Forward.” Thanks for sharing this with us,  Jimmy.

That will do it for today. Looks like Northeast Tennessee is in for another very hot day. I hope you all enjoy your Monday! I’ll talk to you soon. Write when you get a minute!

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