Steel Magnolia know the meaning of the word “entertain”

164 On Tuesday night, Aug. 10, I saw Steel Magnolia’s show in Greeneville. When I left Josh and Meghan at the Greene County Fairgrounds, they were still busy signing autographs, posing for pictures, and talking to their fans. Before I left, I told Meghan I wasn’t sure  how many times I would say “great” when writing this post about their show. And I meant it.

The kids are great. Their show was great. Their music was great. The energy they have on stage is great. And I can’t really think of anything about their show that wasn’t great.

I’m never sure what it is that allows someone like Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, or Brad Paisley to achieve the level of success they have. Maybe they have some kind of uniqueness, or special talent that separates them from the others. But I don’t think they have anything that Steel Magnolia doesn’t also have.

132They opened their show with Ooh La La. A great choice for the first song. It’s a clap along, sing, along, hey – I’ve heard this before – kind of song. And it drew as many screams and as much applause a “Keep On Lovin’ You,” and their newest single, “Just By Being You.”

People sat in the audience watching, listening, clapping, singing, and smiling. Meghan and Josh not only like to entertain their fans, they are good at it, and a real pleasure to watch. They are definitely on my list of “who I plan to see again.”

In an article I put up on July 3, I told you all about how much I like these kids. Their vocals, harmonies, and stage presence are fantastic. They work so well together – you never know for sure who is going to have the lead, and who is going to join in with harmony. If you missed that article, you can read it here.

It’s time to let the pictures take over. Hope you all enjoy these from Tuesday night.

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There you have it. A great night, great performers and great pictures. I’ll talk to you guys real soon! Hope you have a great Thursday. Drop me an e-mail when you have a chance. Love hearing from each of you!

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