Joey + Rory, “That’s Important to Me” video premier

Joey Rory new album I could not think of a better way to tell you about Joey + Rory’s video for “That’s Important to Me,” than to let Rory talk to you all. I don’t know how many of you get the newsletters from Joey+Rory, but since I do, this seemed like the perfect time to pass one on to all of you. It’s a great video, and I like the way Rory talks about it – Joey’s dog, Rufus, Joey’s baby ducks, starter plants … well, just watch the video and listen to the song. I think you’ll understand why I like it so much. And I think you’ll like it, too.

Joey Rory I don’t have to tell you again, I’m sure, that this duo is really one of my favorites. Rory signs his newsletters “Keeping it Country!” — and that he does, rather they do. In every one of their songs. I’ve told you all about their Album No. 2, and now it’s time to bring you their video for one of the songs on that CD, “That’s Important to Me.”

Here’s the newsletter:
Hello everyone,
We are having a wonderful fall!  It is such a beautiful time of year.  The trees are full of color and our farm looks so beautiful.  It’s hard for us to leave it, but we’re also having an incredible time playing shows with one of our biggest heroes, Don Williams.  Right now, we’re in the bus, on our way to open for him tonight in Ashland, KY. 

Joey Rory 2 We wanted to send this newsletter out this morning to let you know that our brand new video for "That’s Important To Me" comes out today.  As a lot of you may know, this song’s very special to us and the chance to have it out there for people to hear and see the video is about as exciting for us as it can get.  Back in April, in hopes of releasing it as a single soon, we shot and edited it.  Stuart Bunton (and his father Alan, who did all the Overstock.com commercials we were in) shot and directed it.  We are so proud of it.  You should start seeing it on GAC and CMT very soon, but in the meantime, Joey and I wanted to make sure that we went ahead and shared it with you.  You can click here to watch the video on our website. 

Joey Rory 8 Here’s a little background info on the video…  It was all shot at our farmhouse, Joey’s little restaurant and the road we live on.  All of it truly is 100% our life.  Joey cuts my hair on the front porch.  She grows starter-plants for her garden in the house.  That’s my old car that I drive every day (a 1952 Oldsmobile).  Those are our two daughters (Heidi and Hopie), and our neighbors in and around our community.  The baby ducks are Joey’s as well as that’s her sweet hound Rufus…who after 11 years of being with her, passed away just a few weeks after we shot the video.  Needless to say the video also means a lot to us and really seems to visually best show what’s most important to us.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do and that you’ll share it with friends and family.  Our values are so important to us and believe that we can all be a small part in helping the world rediscover, and get back to, the things that are "most important" in life.

Thank you for you continued love and support of us and our music.  
Keeping it Country!


That’s the newsletter, and here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it. I just love these guys. Whenever I want to sit back and listen to some real country music, these are the two people whose voices come out of my CD player.

Talk to you all later. We’ve got our annual Homecoming celebration after church today. Big meal, lots of former members back visiting the area will attend. It’s always fun. But after that, I plan on coming home and answering my e-mail. I have a bunch of it to get answered again. But I’ll to you all real soon.

More later!


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