CD Review: Aaron Owens, “Troublemaker”

Aaron CDI would love to tell you all how much awesome talent we have lurking in the shadows of the country music world. But that would be impossible. There are so many talented singers, writers, and musicians that you’ve never heard of. This post is about one of them. And while you may not have heard of him yet, I’m quite confident that you will.

His name is Aaron Owens. He looks a little bit like Eric Durrance, at least I think he does. His CD is called “Troublemaker.” I received a review copy about a week ago, I guess. I put it in my CD player, and I have been playing it so much, that when I reached for it to play it tonight, I couldn’t find it! It was not in it’s CD jacket, and I couldn’t imagine where I put it. Then I realized this great country CD has taken up permanent residence in my CD player.

AaronThe CD includes songs penned by mega writers such as Jeff Bates, Kirk Roth, Don Bradley, Tony Stampley, Rod Taylor, Robert Arthur, Johnny Bulford, Danny Myrick, Jason Meadows and also four of Aaron’s original works for the project.

If anyone reading this enjoys country music because they like The Band Perry, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood – I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of Aaron Owens. If anyone reading this enjoys country music because they like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, George Jones, and all the other great artists from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – you are going to love this kid. He’s bringing back the country music I remember. The country music I can’t get enough of. He’s one of those artists that I love reviewing (Jon Mark Luckett is another one).

"Troublemaker" has contributions by some of Nashville’s premiere musicians. The roster starts with producer Robert Arthur himself on acoustic guitar, Wes Pryor on percussion and bassist Mark Johnson all currently touring with Black River Music Group artist Jeff Bates. Mike Severs (Lead Guitar), who’s performed on numerous sessions on Music Row, brought his talents along with Justin Williamson (Fiddle) and Randle Currie (Pedal Steel Guitar) both of which currently perform with country superstar Brad Paisley of Arista Records.

Aaron featureThe first song is called “Before Forever.” There are probably a lot of Moms all across this country who can relate to this song. It’s pretty much about a Mom who tried hard to change the bad things her son was doing, and that change in him didn’t come until after she had died. It’s one of my favorite songs on the CD.

Most of these songs are ones I would love to hear on country radio, and hope there are a lot of stations out there that will realize that not all country music fans want to hear ‘country/pop’ and ‘country/rock’. A lot of us still want to hear ‘country’. I for one am definitely in favor of a lot more music like Aaron Owens’ is putting out. Just sprinkle it through that playlist with the Kenny Chesney’s of the world, but play it for us.

Aaron 3The nine songs on the CD are “Before Forever,” “Good Place to Start,” “Troublemaker,” “Sounds a Lot Like Me,” “Time,” “Let it Play,” “I Turned Her On,” “Scars,” and “Redneck, White and Blue.” My personal favorites – pretty much all of them, really.

Aaron5Aaron Owens performs throughout the country and has accumulated opening credits with many major artists such as Blake Shelton, Billy Currington, John Michael Montgomery, Aaron Tippin, Jeff Bates, Johnny Hiland, T. Graham Brown, Billy Joe Royal and many others. Aaron fulfilled a dream September 2, 2011 when he had the honor of opening for Willie Nelson in Illinois.

In addition to his web site, you will find him on Facebook, and you can follow him on Twitter @aaronowensband. Check him out everyone – you’ll be hooked on Aaron Owens, too! (All photographs in this post were used with permission, and are from Aaron’s facebook).

That’s it for now. Let me know what you all think of Aaron. I think you’re going to like him!


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