Former WXBQ on air personality, Richard Quillen, dies Feb. 13, 2012

Richard QuillenEveryone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I am probably the biggest WXBQ radio fan there is. I listen to the station every waking hour. I attend their events, concerts, and remotes at area businesses. I help them celebrate holidays, with little gifts I drop off at their Bristol, Va., studio.  And sometimes I just talk to them.

Even if one of the guys leaves the station, like Rich Randall, Gunner Jackson and Richard Quillen have all done – I still try my best to keep in touch.  And when I lose one of them, it’s a sad day for me. Today is one of those sad days.

I am very sorry to tell you all that Richard Quillen died Monday afternoon, Feb. 13, 2012, at his Virginia home. Those of you who don’t live within listening range of this great radio station, and those of you who have never followed my lead to listen to WXBQ via their web site, will just have to take my word for it. Richard was a joy to listen to. He could laugh, and joke and when you listened, you had fun.

xbqgang1When I first met Richard, he was doing the morning air show at WXBQ with Bill Blake (top left). We lost Bill in January, 2009. That was the very best radio show ever. It gave us Jim Nasium, Juanita, and the other characters that traveled the radio airwaves every day, and ended up in our homes. One thing for sure – I have a lot of wonderful memories, thanks to WXBQ.

About a year ago, Richard left WXBQ, and went to WAXM Radio in Norton, Va. He continued to do his Saturday night request show, which he had done for a long time at WXBQ. He was also half of the morning show at WAXM, a position he held at WXBQ for as long as I knew him.

A lot of his fans continued to tune in to the Saturday night show at the new station. His regular callers knew him, and he knew them. He knew what questions to ask, and he knew how to get the best out of them. He made his show interesting, and fun. He was so likeable. And he will be missed.

To all of Richard’s family, fans, friends, and wonderful co-workers. I’m thinking about all of you, and offering whatever expression of sympathy I can. Thanks – for all the work you all put into everything you do.

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