Mary Sarah shares Galveston, Texas, stage with The Oak Ridge Boys

Mary Sarah 3A while back, I told you all about Mary Sarah, a young singer who had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at a Houston Texans football game. I didn’t have enough adjectives to say all the wonderful things I wanted to say about this very talented youngster. If any of you missed that article, I hope you will click here, and go back and see not only what I had to say then, but also watch the clip of her audition for the Houston team.

Mary Sarah Joe 21While following Mary Sarah on Twitter, I learned about her friendship with the legendary Oak Ridge Boys. I’ve been a fan of theirs forever.  I got to visit with Joe, Duane, Richard and William Lee back in December, when they were at our Cracker Barrel  Restaurant in Knoxville.  Photos and article/interview from the December visit can be seen here.

Mary Sarah JoeWhen I found out I was going to see the Oak Ridge Boys, Mary Sarah said, “Tell Joe I’ll see them in Galveston Jan. 27 and 28.” I told her I would. Joe’s response was, “Tell her to come ready to sing.” Oh, that’s not an exact quote. I think it was more like, “tell her to wear her singing clothes.” But whatever it was – Mary Sarah certainly did what Joe asked – she went to Galveston ready to sing.

The video below is Mary Sarah, on stage at the Galveston Theater, with The Oak Ridge Boys. Am I right, folks? Just not enough adjectives to describe how good this kid is.

Visit her facebook page, and listen to more of her music. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am with Mary Sarah’s voice. Follow her on Twitter @MarySarahMusic.  this is one very pretty little 16 year old with a very big voice. I think the world is ready for her. They all just need to hear her sing!

That’s all for now. I will talk to you all real soon!

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