Eli Young Band’s John Jones and wife, Sarah, expecting baby boy for Christmas

John and SarahThe due date isn’t exactly Christmas day, but it’s close enough that it could be. Jon Jones, who has been part of the Eli Young Band since the band first formed, and his wife Sarah are expecting their first baby on Dec. 23, 2012. The couple made their announcement to People magazine.

This will be the second baby for the band, Jon told People. “It’s funny that in the band, Mike got married first, and then me,” Jones says referring to frontman Mike Eli. “Then Mike and Kacey got pregnant and had their baby girl in July, and Sarah and I are right behind them.”

Jones and his wife — who was his college sweetheart — have been married since January 2011, but they have been talking about expanding their family for a long time. He shares how they discovered they were expecting their first baby.

“We were on the road when she found out, so she sent me a picture of about a half-dozen positive pregnancy tests,” says Jones.

“She wanted to be sure! It’s something you wish you could find out together, but she knew she couldn’t keep it to herself that long. When she called I could hear the excitement in her voice.” [Source]

Eli Young Band Tuesday 278The band has been very busy since I first saw them at one of our local fairs, back in August of 2009. That was back when I thought there would never be a song as good as “When It Rains,” or “Always A Love Song,” but after listening to their “Life at Best” album in August 2011, it confirmed what I knew all along – every song this band does is great music. They are nominated for two CMA Awards, song of the year for “Even if it Breaks You Heart” and vocal group of the year. That show will air on Nov. 1 on ABC.

They are out touring now, but the tour will be done on Oct. 27. At that point, the band will be working on t heir next album, which is due out in 2013. And I for one am ready for that one! I just can’t seem to get enough Eli Young Band music.


Mike and BabyThe band’s lead singer, Mike Eli, and his wife Kacey had a baby girl on Monday, July 30. I remember that date, because I had just seen the band perform at the Paramount in Bristol, Tenn., on Wednesday, and Mike told us all after the show that the baby was scheduled to be born on Monday. they named her Kline Olivia Diaz.

Congratulations Jon and Sarah! By the way, Dec. 23 is my granddaughter’s birthday. Just thought I’d mention that.

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