This is Country Music … THIS is Joy Collins!

JoyI want to tell you all about Joy Collins. I was going to wait until I had a chance to ask her a few questions, and until she had a chance to answer them. But I decided that really wasn’t necessary. There is enough information about her on her web site and facebook page for me to work with. And, I have talked to her on Twitter. But most importantly, I have heard this girl’s music. And if there was ever anything worth sharing with all of my readers — this is it!

You might remember how excited I was when I told you all about Tim Culpepper. He is the best male country artist I have listened to in a very long time. He is real country. Country the way I remember it! Country I grew up with. And country the way I wish country music still was. Now I get to tell you about the best female country artist I have listened to in a very long time. She is everything to country music that Tim is. I am just as excited about Joy as I am about Tim. We’ll just call her the ‘female equivalent of Tim Culpepper.”

Joy 1While Joy might have a song or two on her current CD that are trying to lean just a bit toward a more modern country sound (“Headlights” and “That’s What Love Looks Like” for example), for the most part, you don’t think modern, rock, or pop when you are listening to Joy Collins. You are just hearing country. And that’s an awesome thing for a real country music fan such as myself.

You can hear her music on Reverbnation, and what you are going to hear is country. It’s story-telling, straight-from-the-heart, what country music is supposed to sound like, good!  Reverbnation’s ‘about’ section tells us that Joy Sounds Like: Sara Evans, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood. My advice to you is ignore all that – and just listen. Because Joy Collins does not sound like any of these other artists – she sounds like Joy Collins. Her vocals are distinctive, and you will remember that voice after the first time you hear it. I don’t think you will listen to “I Like Me” for the first time, and say ‘wow, that sounds just like Sara, Faith or Martina.’. What you are going to say is ‘there is one great country artist, I’m going to remember that voice.”

Joy 3The bio on her facebook page is not only informative, it’s interesting reading. It’s a story. And you don’t want to stop reading it until you’ve reached the end. Here is the first paragraph: Joy Collins carries an empowering message, she is the pure depiction of a survivor. She is what Country Music is all about. A story teller, speaking of the universal themes of life, loss and love, she delivers a personal memoir that is simply unforgettable. The release of her new album, “It Ain’t Just Music”, is fearless, uncompromising, and courageous, and anchoring it all, is her breathtaking voice. Now, is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to hear the rest of this story?

One of the many things in Joy’s bio that stuck with me was the short paragraph that included “she found that being an artist wasn’t what she did, it was who she was.” She shares her life with us in this bio. She shares her story. She talks about her marriage, children, divorce, and her struggles with addiction. And, she adds to that bio – there has been no better way to heal than through making music.

Joy 2This is another one of those artists that I find myself asking ‘WHY isn’t this girl on my local Top 40 radio station’. And I think you will be asking the same question after you listen to her music.

In addition to her facebook and web site, you can follow her on Twitter @JoyCollinsMusic. And, please head on over to CD Baby, where you can purchase her CD, “It Ain’t Just Music.” And trust me, guys – it definitely ain’t just music! It’s great music, sung by an true country artist.


Love Looks Like(That’s What)
Unhappy (I Want You)
Met Him in a Motel Room
I Like Me
It Ain’t Just Music
Thing or Two
I Do
God Bless the USA

I’ve been listening to the CD for a few days now . Love enough to know I want to listen more. And long enough to have picked a few favorites. I’m not saying every song isn’t great – but I am saying I have some favorites – they are ‘It Ain’t Just Music,’ ‘Bourbon,’ ‘I Like Me, and her rendition of ‘God Bless the USA.’

Please go listen to her music, let me know what you think. I’m sure any country music fan is going to want to pick up this CD, and listen to it as much as I’ve do. She’s captivating. And her music gives me everything I expect to find when I listen to country music.

I’ll be back with more soon!

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