Happy New Year! Get ready for the Giant Peep drop!

BALLThere are a lot of things in a lot of cities that get ‘dropped’ on New Year’s Eve. It’s part of counting down the seconds as the old year ends, and the new year arrives.

CrabEveryone knows about the ‘Ball’ in New York City. Most of us have been watching that since we were kids. But did you also know that Panama City Beach, Fla., drops a Big Beach Ball; Temecula, Calif., drops a bunch of grapes; St. George’s, Bermuda, drops a paper-mache Bermuda onion; Orlando, Fla., has the Orange Drop; and of course Atlanta has the Peach Drop. You’ve got a Disco Ball in Baltimore, Md., a Red Crab in Easton, Md.; and a metal Cursive ‘D’ dropped in front of the Hard Rock Café in Detroit.

PeepBut my favorite, has got to be the Giant Peep Drop in Bethlehem, Pa. Bethlehem is the home of those little, yellow, marshmallow Easter treats, so it is only fitting that one be lowered to bring in the new year. Technology hasn’t caught up with the Peep, however. Instead of being dropped as a fixture on a computer controlled shaft, it is lowered by a crane, and doesn’t exactly get to the bottom at the stroke of midnight—but as a fan of “Peeps”, I’d say it is close enough.

Way to go Giant Marshmallow Peep

I want to wish each of you all the best in 2013. Thank you for reading Country’s Chatter. Your e-mails, comments, questions and suggestions are always very much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

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