Johnny Cash will be pictured on new postage stamp in 2013


We all remember the Elvis stamp, and the great debate over whether they should use the old Elvis or the young Elvis on the stamp. As I recall, they ended up doing some of each. At least, I think they did. I know it was some kind of series. I’m not a stamp collector, so I don’t have any, but they are still available online to anyone who would like to buy them.  It was 2006 when Elvis found his way to the 29 cent stamp.

Johnny Cash Stamp

And now, country music fans can look forward to finding Johnny Cash on a new stamp. The days of putting the amount on the stamp seem to be gone, with the new ‘Forever Stamps.’ And that is where Johnny Cash’s likeness will find it’s new home… apparently “Forever.” The Post Office has announced that it will issue the Johnny Cash stamp as part of the new ‘Music Icons’ series.

The series will give us a total of three performing artists. But they aren’t telling us who the other two are yet. They will be revealed later this year.

The process for selecting topics for its stamps can be a long one for the USPS.

"We get about 40,000 suggestions for stamp ideas each year but only about 20 topics make the cut," Saunders said. "These suggestions are reviewed by the Postmaster General’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory whose role is to narrow down that 40,000 to roughly 20 and then provide their recommendations to the Postmaster General for final approval."

A release date for the stamp has not been announced. [Source]

I don’t mail very much anymore – with faxes, e-mail and texting pretty much taking over my correspondence; but I still like the stamp, and I’m sure for whatever little mailing I do, at least a few of my trips to the post office will include a purchase of the new Johnny Cash stamps. I wonder who else they consider a ‘Music Icon’? We’ll have to wait and see.

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