Reintroducing William Michael, and asking YOU to go ‘Like’ his new Facebook page

William MichaelA few years back, I met William Michael Morgan. And I told you all about him in an article I’m about to repost below. There’s a reason for that. This extremely talented country singer needs a little help. He has dropped the ‘Morgan’ from his name, and started a new facebook page. Now, he needs all of us to visit that facebook page and “Like” it. He’s starting over on facebook. A name change causes that to happen. Please click on the facebook link here, and go “Like” William Michael’s page. If you haven’t heard this kid sing – I know you are going to like him when you do. When I first found him – or as the article below says ‘he found me,’ he was just 17 years old; with an amazing voice. Check out the article. And his music. And, please visit his new facebook page, and “Like” the page.

Now, here’s a repost of the article I put up back in April, 2010:

I found William Michael Morgan yesterday. Well, I didn’t really find him. He wasn’t lost or anything. And actually, he found me.

WMMorgan1I got an e-mail alert telling me that someone was requesting me as a friend on MySpace. I always love those things. Lots of times it will be a friend I knew a long time ago, or even someone I went to school with. But not this time. This time it was William Michael Morgan. Not the first new country artist I met via MySpace, and I’m sure he won’t be the last. This one, however, like a few of the others, is worth more than a mention here on Country’s Chatter. He’s getting an article.

WMMorgan2His bio on his web site will surprise you. That is, if you listen to his music before you read the bio. Listen to “Just For You”. It’s on his web site, too. Listen to the whole song – and then let me tell you that William is just 17 years old. He’s from Vicksburg, Miss., and here’s what the bio says about this young new talent:

William Michael Morgan is a fresh new voice in traditional country. At the age of seventeen, he already has years of experience playing his down-to-earth, Strait-ahead country for thousands of fans throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama.

WMMorgan3Communication with fans on the internet comes naturally to most teenagers, and William Michael is no exception, building a passionate following on MySpace. His songs have exceeded well over a million and a half plays, with new fans signing up every day.

Mainstream media has taken notice as well, and William Michael has been profiled on news stories about young musicians with rising careers on CCN, Fox News, MTV and ABC.

WMMorganWilliam Michael Morgan is writing and recording with songwriter/producers Robert Ellis Orrall (Love and Theft, Taylor Swift) and Roger Springer (Mark Chesnutt, 60 nothing-but -country cuts).

While “Just For You” is my favorite of all the songs on his MySpace and web site, that definitely doesn’t mean it’s the only good one. “Can’t Stop You,” “You’re Going to Love Loving Me,” “Girls Girls Girls,” are all radio-ready and worthy of air time!

WMMorgan4Good news for the folks in Mississippi, and not quite so good for the rest of us – All of the shows listed on William’s MySpace are in Mississippi. So those of you in the area, plan to catch him on April 16 at the Collins, Miss., Relay For Life event. On April 17, he will be in Union Church at Bo’s Hideaway, and on May 15 and May 29, the folks at Bo’s get him again. I have a feeling it won’t be long before we’re seeing William everywhere.

Let’s all keep our eye on this guy. He’s young, but he’s good. And I can only expect he will continue to get even better. Hope you will all check out his web site and MySpace page. He has a Twitter, too, so you can follow him there. And if he gets anywhere near where you are — go see him, I’m sure it will be a great show!

I better get ready for work, I’ll talk to you all real soon!

There’s the reprint. If you have never listened to this kid sing, I hope you will visit his MySpace page, and be sure to visit his facebook page, he’ll definitely appreciate the ‘Likes".

More later! Have a great evening!

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