The Band Perry will put on free show for hometown

The band perry 008The Band Perry
Free concert & autograph signing
Saturday, March 30th @ 6 p.m.
North Main Street, Greeneville TN

For the second time, Kimberly, Reid and Neil are coming home to Greeneville, Tenn., where they will put on a free show and sign autographs for fans. The last time this happened was October 10, 2010, when the kids came to Greeneville to kick off the Release Week for their debut CD. The crowd was unbelievable! People as far as the eye could see. Nowhere to park your car, people pushing people as they tried to get closer to the stage for the kids performance… but at least the weather cooperated, and it was really a fun day for everyone. And at that show, like this time, The Band Perry stuck around after the show to sign autographs for fans. I think that’s awesome. And I hope they never lose their desire to do that for the people who support them.

Bnad Perry and Zombie Walk 036I can’t even begin to imagine what that crowd will be like this time. Being this close to Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Asheville, N.C., and several other large cities, it would be all that unrealistic to think a hundred thousand people or more could show up for this free concert. The plans are – that if it rains, they will move the show inside the gymnasium at Hal Henard Elementary School at 425 E Vann Rd in Greeneville, TN and attendees will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Bnad Perry and Zombie Walk 094I love that the kids are coming back and doing so much for the fans in their home town. But I’m not sure how well they thought this one out. We could definitely have more people in Greeneville, Tenn., than they have ever had in that town before.

BP CDThe kids will be sharing some of the music from their new album, Pioneer, which is scheduled to release on April 2, 2013.

This special concert is being presented by the Greene County Partnership, and the band is hoping it will help raise awareness for “Outnumber Hunger,” a program initiated by General Mills, Big Machine Label Group and Feeding America.  “We are working with General Mills this year to ‘Outnumber Hunger’ and we are so appreciative that they are sponsoring our hometown show and giving us the platform to bring our new music home to our friends in Greeneville. We are especially looking forward to spending time with our friends there and meeting our fans,” says Reid Perry.

For those of you who plan to be in, what I am sure is going to be a massive crowd – look for me!

Back with more later!


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