Jason Aldean talks about his divorce

Jason and JessicaI’m one of these people who always likes to think that ‘everything is going to be okay.’ I suppose that makes me an optimist. But, whatever it makes me, I will admit I had really hoped that everything would work out fine for the Jason Aldean family, after his little indiscretion last year with former American Idol contestant, Brittany Kerr.

Unfortunately, things are not going to be fine for Jason and his wife, Jessica. They have decided to divorce after 12 years od marriage. Jason filed for divorce in Williamson County, Tenn., on Friday, April 26 – one day after reports that the couple had separated. Jason said the reason for the divorce – irreconcilable differences.

“This is a really tough time for my entire family. Jessica and I have been together since we were teenagers. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs over the years as we grew up together as a couple,” Aldean tells People. “She will always be important to me because she is the mother of my children, and I know that we will both always make our daughters our number one priority.”

Jason no hatJason did ask that his fans not jump to conclusions about the couple’s divorce. “I’ve learned that everyone always rushes to judgement when they hear news like this. That’s really hard because no one knows anything about our relationship but us,” he explains. “I understand that because of my job, I have to go through a lot of this in the public eye, but for my girls’ sake I really wish people would give us some level of privacy and at the very least be respectful of them.”

Jason and Jessica’s daughters are 10 and 5.

In addition to Jason’s web site, you can follow him on Twitter @Jason_Aldean.

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