12-year-old Summerlyn Powers video features Pam Tillis

Summerlyn68When I was 12 years old, I was catching lightening bugs, fishing with my dad – back when a big catch was a 6” sunfish. I was watching cartoons on television every Saturday morning, and playing dodge ball in the back yard with the neighbor kids – all of whom I considered friends. I can’t imagine my childhood being any different than that. And, I really cannot imagine what it must be like to be 12 year old singer/songwriter/musician/actor. Those are the words used to describe 12-year-old Summerlyn Powers.

Summerlyn 2Not only is Summerlyn all those things, she is also an accomplished musician. She plays violin, guitar, violin and piano. The very short bio on her facebook page tells us that she started singing in church at age 7. “Music is deeply embedded in her family roots and now it’s her turn to shine with the many gifts God has given her,” her bio continues.

Summerlyn 2But then it stops. I really would love to know more than that about this young lady. Even the ‘About’ section on her web site offered little more. But what we do know about her is that she cannot hide her talent, nor would she want to. Summerlyn seems eager to share what she does with the rest of us. Summerlyn seems today to be where Taylor Swift was 10 years ago..and that is not a bad place to be.

SummerlynBelow is her video for ‘Alabama Kinda Girl’, which pretty much shows us everything we need to see from this 12-year-old. She’s poised and professional. She can definitely sing. And, we even get a glimpse of her on guitar and violin in this new video. To top all that off, Suymmerlyn wrote the song, too. The video features Pam Tillis, who has always been one of my favorite female country artists.

There are a few more videos over on YouTube that you can find of Summerlyn. Many were done when she was even younger, and you can really see how much she has grown vocally since posting those earlier videos. She covers Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” and she does it acapella. At 12 years old, it’s only natural to assume she needs to do a lot of growing. And there is certainly time for training and time for strengthening what is obviously natural talent. But she’s on the right path, for sure. I think she may have been even younger in some of the videos on YouTube. She has a cover of Colbie Callat’s “Realize,” and a video that gives us “It Is Well” and “Angel By Your Side” in the same video.

In addition to her web site and facebook, be sure to follow her on Twitter @SummerlynPowers.

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