Dailey & Vincent close the gates at the 2013 Appalachian Fair

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Tonight was the final night of our 2013 Appalachian Fair. I know, we still need to get up reviews and photos from Chris Lane Band, Florida Georgia Line, Brinley Addington and Gretchen Wilson. But, I’m going to jump ahead to tonight’s show, and get back to those four as soon as I can. Tonight, Dailey & Vincent took the stage at 8 p.m. I don’t even know where to start.

Dailey and Vincent 025We have had this group at our fair before. I was so impressed with them last year. I still am. It is the one night that you can attend this fair and see everything you could possibly hope for. They do Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Classic Country….they do impersonations, they do their own ‘Grand Ole Opry’ show.  Eight of the most talented musicians and vocalists you would ever want to see took to the stage tonight. Jamie Dailey (guitar, bass and vocals) and Darrin Vincent (mandolin, guitar, bass and vocals), head up this unbelievably talented group.

Dailey and Vincent 151You aren’t going to find a better mandolin and guitar player than Jeff Parker, especially if you want one who can toss more than a little humor in with his musical skills. B.J. Cherryholmes was back with the group again this year, awesome fiddle player to say the least, and we had Jessie Baker on banjo and guitar. Jessie is quite an entertainer. He’s a joy to watch, and very talented. I can’t even find enough adjectives to tell you what I think of bass singer, Christian Davis. Anyone who has never heard this guy sing just plain needs to! And yes, he plays instruments, too.

Dailey and Vincent 089I left this year’s performance the same way I left last year. I was happy, relaxed, and almost fulfilled. I got everything I go to concerts for, all in one night. It was the best way to finish out our 2013 Appalachian Fair. And to anyone out there who thinks they don’t enjoy bluegrass, all I can say is go to a Dailey & Vincent show, you will most likely change your mind about bluegrass.

Dailey and Vincent 187There are a lot of reasons I think this was the best show this week – keep in mind that during our six day fair, we had nine acts on stage (three of the nights came with the bonus of an opening act). And out of those nine acts, this one has to be ranked number one. I believe part of the reason for that is the audience – they not only loved the show, and got to enjoy it while they were sitting in their seats – but they obviously had enough respect for the entertainers and the people sitting around them to stay in their seats, watch, and listen. Of course people stood to take pictures, they walked to the center aisle and grabbed a shot or two – but then, they returned to their seats where they clapped, yelled, whistled, and just had a wonderful concert experience. No one rushed the stage and stood there for the entire performance, causing most of the audience to be unable to see anything (which unfortunately happened at four of the shows this week). Fans could learn a lot by paying attention to the audience reaction at a Dailey & Vincent concert.

Dailey and Vincent 215These are also eight of the hardest working, friendliest entertainers you could ever hope to run into. They not only give you a great show, they run their own merchandise table, and they sign autographs, and they pose for pictures, and they talk to their fans… and they stay at the venue until they have signed every autograph and posed for every picture the fans ask for. (Above, Christian Davis poses with a young fan)

I always give you photos in a concert review, I don’t usually give you a video. But for those of you who have never heard Dailey & Vincent, I just figured it is time you do. For those of you who have heard Dailey & Vincent, here is one of my favorites for you to enjoy.

Now, here are some photos from tonight’s show.

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Dailey and Vincent 030 Dailey and Vincent 034 Dailey and Vincent 099

Dailey and Vincent 170 Dailey and Vincent 213

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I hope you will all visit their web site. Check out their facebook page, and remember to ‘Like’ it while you are there. You can also follow them on Twitter @DaileyVincent.

I’ll be back with more soon. We have a lot of talk about – show reviews, photographs, press releases… a lot going on in the world of country music. Now that I’m past ‘fair week’ in Northeast Tennessee, I’ll get myself back on schedule and get more posted for all of you!  We also have a lot of email to get answered for you, and will get to that soon as well.


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