Dustin Lynch headlines Tuesday night at the Appalachian Fair

Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 169Tuesday night was a double-header at our Appalachian Fair. I already told you about The Swon Brothers, what a great show those kids put on for us. [Show review and photos here] But when they got off the stage, the crowd was definitely ready for more entertainment. That ‘more’ was about to come from headliner Dustin Lynch.

Dustin 650Most of us know Dustin from his songs ‘Cowboys and Angels’ and ‘She Cranks My Tractor’. and his current single, ‘Wild in Your Smile’. But, a lot of folks didn’t realize until Tuesday night that Dustin has a lot more hits under his belt. That would be hits he wrote for other artists like Tim McGraw and James Wesley.

Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 187There isn’t a lot I can say about Dustin that hasn’t already been said about countless artists before him. He knows his way around a concert stage, and his performance was right up there with the best of them. His show was full of music we knew and loved, the show was high-energy from start to finish, and Dustin definitely loves what he does on stage. It is a show I would recommend to any country music fan, and I am sure no one left our fairgrounds disappointed on Tuesday night.

Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 029Prior to the show, a few of us had a chance to see Dustin at a radio interview with Marc Tragler from WXBQ. And, he held an official Meet & Greet backstage before his show, where he signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans. After the show, Dustin stayed on the fairgrounds for hours, signing autographs for hundreds for fans who waited for the opportunity to meet him.

Going to leave you with a few more pictures from Tuesday night’s show. I hope you are all following Dustin on Twitter @dustinlynch. Check out his facebook page, too, and if you haven’t already ‘Liked’ it, please do that while you’re there.

Dustin 647 Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 021

Dustin 645 Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 022

Dustin 646Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 196Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 162

Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 190 Swon Brothers and Dustin Lynch 204 Dustin 650

Back soon to tell you about Wednesday night with Jeremy Camp, and tonight – it is Florida Georgia Line!


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