Toby            PRZ-007876 Could there possibly be anyone who has forgotten the feud between Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks? I didn’t think so. Well, it seems the Alliance for Climate Protection’s “We Campaign,” wanted to use Toby and the Chicks in one of their commercials. You’ve seen them – they put a Democrat up against a Republican (or two other people who don’t particularly get along) and start off with “We don’t always agree on everything, but….” You would think that would be a perfect television ad for Toby and the Chicks; but apparently it isn’t going to happen. Toby told the San Jose Mercury News that they had set up three dates for the shoot, but every time, the trio wasn’t available. Toby also said that he has never spoken to the Dixie Chicks, “We’ve never met, officially,” he said.

George Jones Country Hound is reporting that this fall’s participants in the George Jones University program will have a unique opportunity afforded them through a brand new Country Music competition. George is giving registrants the chance to be the opening act at one of his upcoming concerts. Music industry executives and entrepreneurs will judge the competitors on their artistry, vocal ability and stage presence. Competitors must be registered for the Fall session of GJU. The best performer will open for George.

chris-cagle Chris Cagle was found not guilty of domestic violence charges brought against him from a domestic dispute that took place in May 2008 at his Nashville home.

Chris and his girlfriend, Jennifer Tant, were both arrested at his home after a fight in which Jen struck Chris with an umbrella, and Chris hit Tant with her purse.

The case came to a quick end when Jennifer took the stand and refused to testify against Chris. Bill Ramsey, Chris’s attorney, released the following statement: “It’s a shame these charges were ever brought, period! Chris was not, and never was, guilty of domestic violence, abuse or assault, and the Judge properly found him “Not Guilty”. Chris is relieved the accuracy of the matter has been revealed and the ordeal is over.”

At least this ordeal is over. Last I heard, Chris is still due in court in Arizona on Sept. 23 over an incident that took place there in December.

We haven’t done birthdays for a while … so here’s a few for you; David Ball turned 55 on July 9. Haven’t heard much from him since “Private Andrew Malone.” David Ball

Duncan Cameron, guitarist for Sawyer Brown, turned 52 on July 27; Bobbie Gentry is 64, also celebrating on the 27th; Martina McBride is celebrating her 42nd birthday July 29; Dwight O’Brien, guitarist for Little Texas will be 44 on July 30.

chad-brock-artist-photos Chad Brock, remember him? I wonder where he’s been since the “She said, Yes”. He will be 45 on July 31.

And, if you are planning on taking your favorite star a little birthday gift during the Appalachian Fair … the only one with a birthday close to the Fair run is Jake Owen, his is Aug. 28. The other Gray Fair performers will celebrate their birthdays like this: Tracy Lawrence, Jan. 27; Josh Gracin, Oct. 18; Heidi Newfield, May 22; and Chris Young, June 12. As for Lillie Mae, Frank, Scarlett and Amber-Dawn (Jypsi) … I have no idea. I just might have to ask them when I go to their concert on Aug. 23. 

That’s all for now. Hope to hear from you all soon! And I’ll see you at the Fair.

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            Could there possibly be anyone who has forgotten the feud between Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks? I didn't think so. Well, it seems the Alliance for Climate Protection's 'We Campaign,' wanted to use Toby and the Chicks in one of their commercials. You've seen them -...