Clay Donation Country music singers are generous people. We know about Reba’s Ranch House, and we know about Dierk’s motorcycle ride to raise money for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and there are so many others. Clay Walker is just another example of how giving our country stars can be. He recently donated $100,000 to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. The money was donated to the National Pediatric MS Center in Stony Brook Hospital in New York.

Clay was diagnosed with MS back in 1996, and he founded Band Against MS in 2003, to help  provide educational information to people living with MS. The money is also used to fund programs that hopefully will lead to a cure. His organization, Band Against MS, has raised more than $1 million since he founded it.

557617R1043A_43A_032 “Few people realize that Multiple Sclerosis is in fact the leading cause of non-traumatic disability in young people throughout the world”, said Walker. “When we learned that Dr. Krupp and Stony Brook were the leaders in Pediatric MS research, it was obvious that we should direct our resources their way. These kids are just beautiful.”

Looks like Clay is one of the many artists who will be home for the holidays. His web page has him scheduled next on Dec. 5 and 6, at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas. On Dec. 12, he is heading to Paragon Place Casino in Marksville, La., and then over to Cowboy’s in Arlington, Texas, on Dec. 13. The Meet and Greets for all of these performances are full.

Clay has always been one of my favorite country entertainers. What he, and entertainers like him, is doing for these charitable organizations is really admirable. I hope he gets back to this area sometime soon. I’d love to see him in concert again.

edface Emerson Drive has joined our "new daddy club." Well, not all of them. David Pichett and his wife welcomed their first child on Nov. 21, at 5:35 p.m. Her name is Emma Victoria Pichett, and she weighed 5 pounds 14 ounces.

"This is definitely the greatest moment in my life. To see your own take her first breath and hear her first cry. Jill and Emma are in perfect health, David said. He went on to say that he counts his blessings every day, and his heart goes out to new parents who have problems and complications.

I’m sure the family will have house full of relatives this Thanksgiving. But wait till next Christmas! You’re going to love the look in that 1-year-olds eyes when you put the lights on the Christmas tree. But, I’m really getting ahead of myself.

delaney From the time they are little, tiny children, we tell them "don not play with guns." Well, I would if I had any guns and little children and guns in the house. But apparently no one told Delaney Jackson to be careful around guns.

Mark Chestnutt’s guitarist was apparently cleaning his gun at home, when he accidentally shot himself in the hand. He did have to have surgery, but apparently he’s going to be just fine.

We’ve been talking a lot about which of our entertainers will get to be at home for the holidays .. I think we can add Delaney to that list. Hope your recovery is speedy, Del.

julianne new Maybe taking some time off from Dancing with the Stars was a good idea for Julianne Hough. She certainly is keeping herself busy, with parades, concerts, and television appearances. Julianne is scheduled to be a part of TNT’s Christmas in Washington television special, scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 17, at 8 p.m. Time to set the DVR – I have a Christmas party that night.

Washington Christmas The show will be hosted by Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin. This is the fifth year the McGraws will be hosting the program from the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

The event is a fund raiser for the National Children’s Medical Center, and the president and first lady will be among the many Washington dignitaries who attend.

That’s all for tonight. Hope you guys are ready to roast a turkey! We’re almost at Thanksgiving. I just can’t thank you all enough for the e-mails and pictures you keep sending me. It is really appreciated. Thanks too for mentioning Country’s Chatter on your favorite message board, MySpace page, or blog. I’ll talk to you all real soon. have a great day tomorrow!


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Country music singers are generous people. We know about Reba's Ranch House, and we know about Dierk's motorcycle ride to raise money for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, and there are so many others. Clay Walker is just another example of how giving our country stars can be. He recently...