julianne-hough I just got done watching Dancing With the Stars. Do I watch a lot of ‘reality television"… not really. Truth is, I usually watch television when I want to take a brief vacation from reality. (I’ve never seen Big Brother, Survivor, The Mole, Fear Factor or The Amazing Race.) But I do like Dancing With the Stars; I like American Idol, and of course I watch Nashville Star (in spite of the fact that it really hasn’t been all that good the past few years). And, I even saw a few episodes of the first two years of Gone Country. Now, give me a minute to convince myself these are not ‘reality television shows’ … they’re talent shows, right? Right. (OK, now that I got that out of the way, I’ll get on with tonight’s post.

Julianne Hough, professional dancer, country singer and girlfriend of Chuck Wicks, got sent home tonight. But she already has two Dancing With the Stars trophies, and probably didn’t mind heading home. And, since she’s done dancing for this season, that will give her plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving with her family, pack her bags, and head to Knoxville, Tenn., where she will be the Grand Marshall in this year’s annual Christmas Parade. This is the 35th year for the WIVK (radio) Christmas Parade, which is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Dec. 5.

If you aren’t going to be in the Knoxville area on Dec. 5 to catch Julianne in the parade, She will be at the Atlanta Peach Drop in Atlanta, Ga., on Dec. 31; Meyer Theater in Green Bay, Wisc. on Jan. 15; and Pleasant Run Resort Center in St. Charles, Ill on Jan. 16. Be sure to go to her MySpace page for more tour dates.

LeeAnn Rimes LeAnn Rimes in in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, working on her new movie, Northern Lights. She’s been letting everyone know how things are going, by blogging on her MySpace page. On Monday night, Nov. 17, this is what LeAnn had to say about her day in Calgary.

All is well here in Calgary! Our first week of shooting ended last Friday and today, started our second week. I’m happy to be into the second week and into a bit of a groove. I had my first scene with Rosanna Arquette today, she’s a doll. Everything seems to be going really well. I think everyone is going to really enjoy this film. I am a little homesick, I must say. My bus is getting here tomorrow with my sweet dog Tex. I can’t wait to have a little piece of home with me here in Calgary. Tomorrow, is going to be a long day, so I’m about to go to bed and get all the rest I can.

I love MySpace, and think it’s great that so many of our entertainers are taking the time to blog, send messages, and let us know what’s going on in their day-to-day activities. And, we learn so much from their blogs … LeAnn has a dog, too. And I’m glad Tex is now in Calgary with her.

Tim McGraw1 Just a reminder here that Tim McGraw will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Nov. 22. Jessie Schmidt, Tim’s spokesperson, said he will be joining a short list of country stars who have hosted SNL before, including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton.

Tim also costars with with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in the movie "Four Christmases," which will be released later this month.

Luke Bryan 082 Luke Bryan has just signed a deal with Miller Lite. The partnership will include touring, contests and downloads, and on-pack product placement, all to cross promote Luke Bryan and Miller Lite in Wal-Marts.

Luke will make in-store stops at Longhorn Steakhouse Restaurants as a part of the deal that will promote him, and Miller. The first promotion will include a copy of "All My Friends Say," and will be in stores through the end of the year.

Luke will be in Hilton Head, S.C., at Stages, on Nov. 21, then on the 22nd he moves up to Charlotte, N.C. for a show at Coyote Joe’s. There are still Meet and Greet passes available for both of those shows. On Nov. 26, he will be at the All My Friends Say Badonkadonk Getdown in Albany, Ga. That sounds like a fun event. That makes sense, as that will put Luke in Georgia, one day before Thanksgiving – and I’m sure he will want to spend Thanksgiving with the family.

I’m sleepy. So I guess that’s the signal that it’s time for me to get out of here for tonight. You guys take care, and keep those cards and letters coming (uhhh I mean, e-mails smile_wink). Talk to you guys tomorrow. Keep Warm!

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I just got done watching Dancing With the Stars. Do I watch a lot of 'reality television"... not really. Truth is, I usually watch television when I want to take a brief vacation from reality. (I've never seen Big Brother, Survivor, The Mole, Fear Factor or The Amazing...