Faith grace I can remember a time when no one except country music fans had a clue what country music entertainers looked like. They could have fallen over Kitty Wells or Dottie West on the street, and had no idea who they were.

grace All that has changed now, as one magazine after the next features some of our favorite singers on the cover and in articles inside. Redbook for May has Faith Hill. While Faith is recognizable just being Faith, we get a glimpse of her portraying three of her favorite icons from the past. Left is my favorite, it’s Faith as Grace Kelly, Philadelphia native, Hollywood actress, Princess.

Am I just old, or do we all remember when Grace moved to Monaco and married Prince Ranier? Very long time ago.  And the one at the right, of course, is Grace Kelly. I remember most from the movies To Catch A Thief, Dial M for Murder, and High Society. Grace died on Sept 14, 1982, after her car went off a road in the cliffs of Monaco. She had three children, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie.

Faith definitely made a good Grace Kelly – maybe we’ll see her in a movie about the actress’s life some day. I bet she’d be really good in that role. My least favorite of the photos in this shoot is Faith as Twiggy.

Faith twiggy Twiggy was born Lesley Hornsby on Sept. 18, 1949. She was a model, actress and singer from England. In the 1960s, she became a prominent teenage model. She was known for her very large eyes, long eyelashes, and thin build, and is regarded as one of the most famous models of all time. Really? (I didn’t make that up, I actually read it somewhere on line.) And at the left, we have Faith Hill as Twiggy.

Twiggy And for those of you who don’t remember Twiggy. Here’s the look Faith was going for in her Redbook photo. This is Twiggy. Twiggy does have a web site, if anyone is interested.

The last one in this group is Faith Hill as Brigitte Bardot. Remember her? French sex symbol from the 1950s and 1960s? Brigitte started her acting career in 1952, and starred in 48 films. She also performed in many musical shows and recorded 80 songs. She was born Brigitte Anne Marie Bardot on Sept. 28, 1934. She retired from show business in 1973, and is an established animal rights  activist.

Faith Bridgett Here’s Faith as Brigitte Bardot. I like what Redbook did with this shoot. It’s not just an article of Faith at home, or pictures of her kids, or what she’s doing in the world of country music right now. It’s a different angle altogether. And for Faith, it really worked. Don’t forget to pick up your May issue of Redbook. If you’re a pack rat like I am, you might want to hold on to this one for a while.

brigitte Now here’s your comparison picture. It’s the real Brigitte Bardot. I’m not sure how long ago this one was taken. But I would imagine it was at the height of her career. There are photos of her all over the internet, many of which are form recent years, with her work as an animal activist. But this one looks pretty close to the look Faith was trying to recreate.

I couldn’t actually find a web site for Brigitte, but you can go to a photo gallery by clicking here. And, as you might imagine, there are clips up on YouTube that feature this French actress.

I just spent a little time of Faith’s MySpace page. She’s got a lot on there now. Music, of course, ringtones, show schedule, and even a number where you can text her. I think all of our entertainers are having as much fun with modern-day technology as we are.

That’s all for this morning. Remember… You guys have about three hours to get your entry in to win one of two Rascal Flatts’ “Unstoppable” CDs. I’ll be randomly drawing those winners at noon today. Just send me an e-mail and tell me you would like to be a winner! Make sure you include your name and mailing address.

I’ll talk to you guys later. What a beautiful Saturday we’re having in Northeast Tennessee. It’s about time I get out there and do something.

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I can remember a time when no one except country music fans had a clue what country music entertainers looked like. They could have fallen over Kitty Wells or Dottie West on the street, and had no idea who they were. All that has changed...