This is probably going to be one of the most unorganized posts I have ever put up on Country’s Chatter. I am so impressed with what I saw at the Appalachian Fair last night. I’m probably going to do a little rambling, and nothing I say is going to be in the order it happened, that much I’m certain of. But I will try my best.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 060 We have been so fortunate here in Northeast Tennessee. We have a fair with a board of directors who search out the best country acts to bring to their concert stage each year. We have a fantastic group of people at WXBQ radio who play a huge part in putting everything together. We have great sponsors, like the fine folks at  Dr. Enuf and Roadrunner Markets who made tonight’s show possible. We have the best security anyone could ask for. And I’m quite certain we have the best fans. If all that isn’t enough – last night we had Jimmy Wayne, too.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 194 Let me tell you about this show. I’d never seen Jimmy Wayne before. Other than in videos I mean. Of course I know who he is, and I can sing along with his songs on the radio. I even have my favorite Jimmy Wayne song. But I was not expecting what I saw tonight.

Jimmy and his band did everything right. They put on a fantastic show, they talked to their fans, they weren’t in a hurry to get out of there after the show (even though they had to be in Pennsylvania the next night). They signed autographs and posed for pictures after the show, and didn’t seem bothered at all by the fact that hundreds of people were lined up to do the autograph and photo thing. Singing is definitely not one of the talents God gave me, but if He had, I wonder if I would be able to do what these young people are doing. Night after night they’re out there putting on shows for their fans. They work hard. And I hope their fans appreciate them.  I’ve often said that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for who these entertainers are and for what they do. I couldn’t mean that any more than I do right now.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 096 You know you’re in for a fun night when the headliner steps out on that stage, and very shortly after that announces that if we want to get up on the catwalk and dance with him, we can…and they did. Oh not me, but have a look at Natalie Bridges from Unicoi, Tenn. She was the first one up there, and as you might expect, there were others before the show was over.

That wasn’t the last time we saw Jimmy on the catwalk either. He spent a lot of the night out there, getting close to his fans, singing right at them, and making every one of us feel as if we were the reason he was in Gray.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 177 Any of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for a while know how much I love Randy Houser. He’s got such an awesome voice. And I told you yesterday what a great show Eli Young Band put on … but guys, I think both Randy and EYB could take a few “how to properly use a catwalk” lessons from Jimmy. That runway is there for a reason – get out there with your people, shake some hands, sing to them … and if you’re like Jimmy, invite them up there with you for a dance. I don’t know how many places Jimmy has performed that have a catwalk, but he certainly has learned how to make the most of one. And not just Jimmy either… we had the whole band out there at one time or another. Well not the drummer – it’s a little hard to beat on cymbals when you’re dancing up the runway.

Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 174 After seeing this show, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to say, “I saw Jimmy Wayne at the Appalachian Fair”. I think I’m going to be saying, “I saw Jimmy Wayne and his band at the Appalachian Fair.” What a great group of musicians. And I’m not just talking about Jake. Well, ok, Jake does come to mind first, but that’s Jimmy’s fault… Jimmy had to point out how many millions of instruments Jake plays, and while we didn’t get to hear him play a million of them, what he played was unbelievable. I never wanted to jump up at a concert and yell “Everyone on stage sit down and have a rest, it’s time for the fiddle solo.” But I might have seriously wanted to yell that a time or two last night. Jake is not only a great musician, he’s energetic, fun, and he likes his fans. He stood out there after the show, and chatted with anyone and everyone, and that was just cool. Rob did, too. They were all fun. What a really great group of entertainers that was.

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Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 095    Jimmy Wayne Wednesday 130

Thanks again to everyone who helped bring Jimmy Wayne and his great band to the Appalachian Fair. I hope we’ll get you back in this area again real soon.

That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys real soon. Tonight we have The Lost Trailers. Another first for me. I’m looking forward to it. You guys enjoy your Thursday. Drop me a line when you get a chance!
Take Care!

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This is probably going to be one of the most unorganized posts I have ever put up on Country’s Chatter. I am so impressed with what I saw at the Appalachian Fair last night. I’m probably going to do a little rambling, and nothing I say is going to...