Lost Trailers Thursday 058Thursday night the Appalachian Fair had a little bit of everything. We had sun, humidity, heat, wind, cool, and rain. But fortunately, there was no lightning, and no reason to cancel or even delay The Lost Trailers show.

We had something else I never got to experience before. We had a film crew from GAC television network, putting together some kind of special. I still don’t know what it’s all about, but I signed the release anyway. Which means, if there’s any part of that film that I’m in, I’m going to be on television. I was in the group back at the Meet and Greet, and I was in row 6, seat 1 for the show … that was the one on the runway. Which did get some use tonight I’m happy to say. The show is supposed to run sometime the end of October, and they told us to keep checking The Lost Trailers’ web site for more information.

Lost Trailers Thursday 021 Now let’s talk about The Lost Trailers. To start out with, they are bunch of really nice kids. I enjoyed meeting them and talking to them. Ryder Lee and Stokes Nielson came out to do the preshow interview with WXBQ radio’s Marc Tragler. They talked, they  smiled, they answered questions, and when the little crowd of onlookers waved, they waved back. The other members of the group are Andrew Nielson (Stokes’ brother), Manny Medina and Jeff Potter.

Lost Trailers Thursday 064 I really like their music. And I already have my all-time favorite. I mean, I don’t care how many singles these guys release, and I don’t care how many albums they put out… my very favorite song will always be “How Bout You Don’t.” (I do that with everyone. Pick an early favorite and hold on to it. And I really don’t usually change my mind.)

Lost Trailers Thursday 067Time for me tell you about the show. You’ve all heard their music. Did you think you were listening to a group? You know what I mean. Five guys singing and playing instruments. That’s what I thought. And that’s what their records sound like. But they really aren’t a group. Not really. They’re a band, with a lead singer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. So just stay with me here.

Lost Trailers Thursday 068 I had the exact same reaction the first time I saw Alabama in concert, back in … let’s see… something like 1984. When I went to that concert, I was so surprised to see it was really more like the Randy Owen Show, than the Alabama concert. But again, I’m not saying that is a bad thing. Just that it’s something I didn’t really expect.

I can’t just leave that one lay there – so here’s the rest… Is Ryder Lee good at what he does? You betcha! He’s a really great singer, handles a guitar like he was born with one in his hand, sings with a lot of emotion, a lot of character, and he is just fun to watch. And he used the catwalk (runway, ramp … whatever you want to call it). He shook hands, smiled a lot, and definitely entertained all of us.

Some of what they did was a bit too “rock and roll” for me. But I’ve been a country music fan for 50 years, and rock just isn’t my thing. And again, those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for a long time understand that this is just my opinion. I saw an audience at The Appalachian Fair tonight who loved everything they did. So keep in mind, I’m old. And I’m just not quite ready to trade my country in for rock.

Would I go see them again? Absolutely. They were really good. I’ve heard it said that the mark of a real entertainer is to always leave your audience wanting more. The Lost Trailers definitely left us wanting more. It was a great show. And I think every one of us would have sat there for as long as they wanted to keep singing. 

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If you get a chance to see these guys in concert, you probably don’t want to let that opportunity pass you by. They have shows scheduled on their web site through Dec. 13, and they’re going to be all over the U.S. between now and then. So Pennsylvania, Idaho, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, get ready. If I didn’t name your state, check out their schedule, it just might be on the list.

Tonight we have Lady Antebellum coming in to the fair. Check back Saturday morning to find out how that one went. I’ll talk to you all soon. I know I owe a lot of you an e-mail, and I’ll work on those as soon as we close the gates on the 2009 Appalachian Fair on Saturday night.

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Thursday night the Appalachian Fair had a little bit of everything. We had sun, humidity, heat, wind, cool, and rain. But fortunately, there was no lightning, and no reason to cancel or even delay The Lost Trailers show. We had something else I never got to experience...