jason aldean new 6 All of you know that on Friday night, Nov. 20, I was headed to Pikeville, Ky., to board The Santa Train with Wynonna the next day. I’ve written two posts about that so far, and will soon have another post up, including a video interview on the train with Wy.

Since I had tickets to see Ash Bowers, Colt Ford and Jason Aldean at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, Tenn., on the 20th of Nov., and since I haven’t yet learned how to be two places at one time, I offered the tickets and Meet & Greet passes to a co-worker and one of her friends. Needless to say, she didn’t turn me down.

Colt Ford new The following review was written by Lesley. And after reading it, I’m even more sorry that I don’t know how to be two places at the same time. Hope you all enjoy her review. The photos were all taken by Lesley at the show. There is one of Colt with Matt Stillwell’s fiddle player that was taken at the After Party at Capone’s in Johnson City were taken by Brittany. So, from quotation mark to quotation mark … Here’s Lesley!

“I’m not a blog virgin anymore. This may be my first blog ever, but trust me, I am not new to country music.  Is it wrong of me to say I lost my blogging virginity to Colt Ford, Ash Bowers and Jason Aldean? I think not.

Ash Bowers 1 On Friday, Nov. 20, I may have well been the balloon boy/extremely large popcorn aircraft because I was flying around so high and looking forward to seeing Colt Ford and Jason Aldean at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, Tennessee.

When Country told me I could take her tickets to the concert while she was on The Santa Train with Wynonna, I could have turned cartwheels in the office. I don’t know who was more excited when we both got back to the office on Monday — Country or me. She talked nonstop at lunch about Wy (apparently, they are BFFs now) and I didn’t shut up about the show at Freedom Hall. We also argued about Colt and his breakout into the country scene with country rap. As a younger fan of the genre, I admit to liking Colt’s new style. Hey, someone has to be the first to invent the wheel. Why shouldn’t it be this ol’ country boy who is self described as "loud, proud and country by the grace of God."

Colt Ford New 1 Armed with meet and greet passes, my friend and I, attempted to walk casually down a really long hallway. I never imagined that Colt would meet us halfway next to a drink machine and grab my hand before I could introduce myself.

"Fancy meeting y’all in a hallway," he said, knocking my preconceived thoughts straight out of my head.

Colt Matt's fiddler This guy was down home. Authentic. No hype. Just real. The kind of guy you just want to sit on the porch with and tell funny stories. (I bet he’s got some humorous ones.)

We joked. We laughed. It was as if I was hanging out with a long-lost friend. I think we may have known each other in a past life.

Jason Aldean called Colt "the sexiest man in country music." I think he may have been joking. But, it’s OK because Colt has a pretty good sense of humor. Follow him on Twitter (Colt_Ford) to laugh at how he went to see "New Moon" and now wants to be a vampire or a werewolf. "Either way, I would be a sexy monster."

Colt’s official after party was held at Capone’s in Johnson City. Performing was Matt Stillwell, Colt’s good buddy and one of my favorite new artists. Y’all remember Matt from his visit last year to Erwin, Tennessee, when he performed a benefit concert (along with Randy Houser) for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life of Unicoi County.

Colt Ford and Matt Stillwell have decided to have a friendly contest to see whose drummer has the better hair! Watch the Hair Wars video on Colt’s Web site, www.coltford.com.

Ash Bowers Jason aldean new 4 Ash Bowers opened for Colt and Jason and featured his new debut single, "Stuck." Ash performed a couple songs with his band and received a favorable reaction from the crowd. He is signed to Stoney Creek Records and with a little more experience and few lucky breaks to get his name out there, this kid could be good. Seven of the songs were written by Ash. He’s got a good producer for his debut album. Buddy Cannon is also the producer for Kenny Chesney. That’s not a bad act to follow.

Colt hit the stage and performed some of the songs off his album, "Ride Through the Country." He and his band offer a good live sound. Looking around Freedom Hall I could see some people singing (or rapping) along and I noticed that he was winning the battle with making people like him. Winning that battle seemed to be an easy victory for Colt.

I know some friends told me afterwards that country and rap shouldn’t be mixed, but the funny thing was, I saw those same people on their feet and screaming with Colt and the band. Let me just highlight the band for a second. G.O.O.D.

Colt Ford new 3 I don’t know their names, but the fiddle player, WOW. W.O.W. I could have listened to her play all night. And I could say the same things about the drummer, guitar player and the itty bitty backup singer. I think Colt could fold her up and put her in his pocket. She was so little and cute, but good grief, the lady has some big pipes. She could sing. And rap.

Remember those people who I said didn’t think rap and country shouldn’t be mixed. Well I didn’t see any complainers when the lady broke out into the rap of "Boom Boom Pow." Not a single person was sitting. She owned that room. That’s when I knew Colt could be good in the country/rap world. If the Black Eyes Peas’ song could make the very best rednecks jump to their feet, then surely Colt can make it with "Ride Through the Country."

jason aldean new 3 Jason Aldean was on stage after Colt and I can’t say enough about how good of a live show this guy can put on. He’s got too many hit songs to list. Y’all are country fans so you know his music. The current album, "Wide Open," is out in stores and has several great songs.

He’s not just good on the radio. He’s a hit to see in person. Besides performing several of his popular songs, "Hick Town," "Big Green Tractor," "She’s Country" and the future hit "The Truth," he also pulled out a few surprises by singing a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tune.

My butt didn’t touch the seat for the remainder of the concert and Jason came back out for an encore and offered a tidbit of what fans can watch on CMT’s Crossroads. Jason teamed up with Bryan Adams for the invitation-only event in Nashville in May. On Friday, Freedom Hall attendees were privileged to see part of that invitation only when Jason sang a couple of Bryan’s famous songs, including "Summer of ’69."

When he reached the point in the song "those are the best days of my life," I realized Bryan and Jason sang the truth. Nights like Friday night at Freedom Hall will be the best days of my life.”

That’s all for this morning. Did I get your e-mail answered last night? If not, I’ll be back into that this evening. You guys enjoy your Wednesday, get ready for that huge Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! And write when you have a chance!
Talk to you soon,

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All of you know that on Friday night, Nov. 20, I was headed to Pikeville, Ky., to board The Santa Train with Wynonna the next day. I’ve written two posts about that so far, and will soon have another post up, including a video interview on the train...