EastonAlbum250x250I got the new self-titled Easton Corbin CD in the mail yesterday. I listened to it right away. I want  you guys ready to run to the store and get your copy when it comes out next Tuesday.

Unless you’re already an Easton fan, you’ve probably only heard “A Little More Country Than That.” But all of Easton’s fans have also visited his web page and listened to other songs he has for us there. And, many of us have even seen him perform live on his recent radio tour. I had that opportunity this past October in Bristol, Tenn., and got to see a great acoustic performance.

Mallar and Easton 112 Now, the CD – the first track is “Roll With It.” It was written by Tony Lane, David Lee, Johnny Park. This is a fun little song, that sounds like an album cut – not sure if it would fly by itself as a single, but it (like most of Easton’s songs) does have that familiar ‘this reminds me of George Strait 25 years ago.”

There’s nothing I can say about “A Little More Country Than That,” written by Rory Feek, Don Poythress and Wynn Varble. I love this song – have since the first time I heard it. It is up to No. 10 on the top 40 chart right now, and I think it was the perfect pick for Easton’s first single.

Mallar and Easton 124 “This Far From Memphis” is one that Easton had a hand in writing, along with Carson Chamberlain and Mark D. Sanders. Easton talked about this song when we saw him in Bristol, and told us that it was written on a trip to Colorado. It definitely is easy to listen to – but again, I don’t think “next single” stuff.

Written by Easton, Carson and Mark, “The Way Love Looks,” is another fun song. Now this is as far as I’ve listened to this point. And yep, I would seriously consider sending this one out to radio as a single. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s one people will think Corbin when they hear.

Mallar and Easton 147Someday When I’m Old,” written by Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey and Troy Verges surprised me. It’s slow. And by the time I got to the fifth track, I just wasn’t expecting slow.  I should have known something slow was heading our direction, but by the end of the fourth track, I was just having fun with the CD. You have to really listen to this one – it has a pretty powerful message. Sometimes I think we give too much thought to getting old – and sometimes we don’t. But this song is going to make you think about your future, and even children and grandchildren you don’t have yet.

Mallar and Easton 136 “Don’t Ask Me About A Woman,” is No. 6 on the 11 track album. It was written by Alex Dooley, Tom Botkin and Kevin Denny (Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while – Kevin, as you may recall, was the singer/songwriter who brought us “That’s Just Jessie” back in 2002. (Now if this is another Kevin Denney, someone correct me). This is a country song. Grandpop and Grandson, talking about Grandmom … and apparently the Grandpop knows pretty much about everything… except women.

I think I know this next song. But I’m not sure why I thin k that. It’s called “I Can’t Love You Back,” and the writers are Carson Chamberlain, Clint Daniels and Jeff Hyde. Did someone else release this, or do I just know it because maybe I heard Easton sing it live in October? Or perhaps on his web site? I heard it somewhere, and I think the important thing here is that I remember it. When a song is good, people are going to remember it. He sings this one so very well – and he actually sounds more like Easton than he does George Strait.

“A Lot to Lear About Livin’,” has a Kenny Chesney feel to it – not the sound really, but the idea. It’s one of those – just leave me alone with my Tequila and let me kind of chill out for a while – songs. The writing credit on this one goes to Liz Hengber, Sonny LeMaire and Clay Mills

Mallar and Easton 087 Another slow one with “Let Alone You,” written by Carson Chamberlain, Gary Harrison and Sonny Tillis, falls into the number 9 spot on the CD. The melody is really good, the kind of thing we’d expect to hear on the radio today. And I love the chorus. It’s a strong chorus, but not loud and annoying. It’s one of my more favorite on the CD.

The next one is called “That’ll Make You Wanna Drink,” and what would you think about a song with a title like that? Well… You’d probably be right. At least if you said that this one is going to be fast, foot stomping, smiling, fun kind of music. Easton also co-wrote this one with Carson Chamberlain and Jimmy Yeary.

Mallar and Easton 092 The last one on the CD, but definitely not the last one I listened to last night (after restarting the CD more than once), is “Leavin’ a Lonely Town,” written by Easton again, with help from Carson Chamberlain and Mark Standers. The very first time I heard this one I said, I need to get the words out of the CD jacket, cause I want to sing along! This one reminded me of older artists though – like George Jones, or maybe not quite so far back, like Dwight Yoakam or Alan Jackson.

My overall opinion of the CD — Ya did good, kid. I’m hoping to see some very good reviews up on this CD, and I really think Corbin has got a few singles waiting to fall off the album to follow “A Little More Country Than That.”

Remember, too, that Eason has a MySpace page, with photos, music and more – and you can also follow him on Twitter.

Talk to you all later. I have got to get ready to go to work. Thanks for all your email!

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I got the new self-titled Easton Corbin CD in the mail yesterday. I listened to it right away. I want  you guys ready to run to the store and get your copy when it comes out next Tuesday. Unless you’re already an Easton fan, you’ve probably only heard...