Lady A new CD I got an email yesterday from Andrew Griffin. Andrew is editor of Red Dirt Report. He sent me his review of Lady Antebellum’s new album “Need You Now.” I love this group, and I thought it would be nice to share his review with you.

Andrew includes a link to a review he did of their show last year in Frontier City, Okla. I reviewed their show last August that you can read by clicking here. I always enjoy reading what other reviewers have to say – especially about a group I think is as talented as Lady Antebellum

So, here’s Andrew’s latest review of “Need You Now.”

Lady A 11 Were the members of Lady Antebellum spinning an old Alan Parsons Project record when they wrote their recent smash country music hit “Need You Now”? I guess we’ll never know, but this pretty song has an undeniable “Eye In The Sky” vibe to the point where you’ll be humming lyrics to both songs and mixing them up.

It’s not a big deal. The song, written by Lady A members Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, along with Josh Kear, is a fine song and is the first track on the 11-track Need You Now album, one of the first big country music releases of 2010.

Lady Antebellum Friday 146 And for nearly two years, since the talented trio released Lady Antebellum their popularity has grown and that album spawned some big hits, like “I Run To You” and “Lookin’ For A Good Time.” This led to multiple awards and recognition, particularly in 2009.

Last summer, Red Dirt Report covered a Lady Antebellum concert at Frontier City amusement park in Oklahoma City and was impressed with their exciting and engaging performance. They are clearly comfortable performing for big crowds. We liked their debut album and saw Lady A sticking around for quite some time.

Lady Antebellum Friday 229 And indeed the group has gotten the positive attention they deserve. On Need You Now they employ some of Nashville’s best studio musicians.

I mean, you gotta have a dobro on a couple of songs. Well, the dobro is just what the music doctor ordered to opens the bluegrass-y “Something ‘Bout A Woman,” another Kelley-Scott-Haywood song, with a co-writing credit to songwriter Anna Wilson. This is a pretty straight country tune, musically and lyrically and is a credit to the group. Nice work here.

Lady Antebellum Friday 100 Getting deeper into the new album, a song like “Our Kind Of Love,” with it’s Tori Amos-esque piano chords opening up the song – before a fiddle snaps you out of it – is a decent track. Vocalists Kelley and Scott compliment one another.

“Love This Pain” is one of the new songs that the group introduced at their live show last summer.

The current single, “American Honey,” which would have been more suitable as a late spring or early summer release to radio, is one of the best tracks here yet it takes a couple of listens before it really connects. Perhaps they are waiting to release the absolutely terrific song “Perfect Day.”

Schmaltzy, over-orchestrated songs like “Hello World” are to be expected, I guess. It’s a life-affirming song where Kelley gets to show off those warm vocals of his.

Lady Antebellum Friday 104 The gals are gonna melt over Kelley’s vocals on the ballad “When You Got A Good Thing.” It has an almost 80’s power ballad vibe to it, save for that pedal steel bubbling up and down throughout the song.

The excitement is palpable on “Stars Tonight,” as Scott and Kelley, along with some strumming from third member Haywood, have some good ol’ rockin’ fun. It’s a trinket, a bauble but it’s Lady A all the way.

Admittedly, when I first listened to Need You Now I was bowled over the way I was with their debut disc. But really, Need You Now has this uncanny ability to grow on you after multiple spins. That’s the sign of an album that has some appeal and staying power. All the best to Lady A!

Thanks so much Andrew, for sending this review of Lady A’s new CD.

We’ve got another beautiful day here in Northeast Tennessee. I hope you’re having one where you are, too. Get out and enjoy the sunshine! And hope it sticks around for a while.

Talk to you all real soon!

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I got an email yesterday from Andrew Griffin. Andrew is editor of Red Dirt Report. He sent me his review of Lady Antebellum’s new album “Need You Now.” I love this group, and I thought it would be nice to share his review with you. Andrew...