Mallar and Easton 148 Here we go again … Another report about that fantastic benefit for City of Hope, that Country Music is Love put together for us at The Rutledge on Feb. 9, 2010. This is the only way I could think to do this. I mean, they got 10 great acts on stage for us, and I really wanted to tell you about all of them. I couldn’t do it all in one post, so I decided it would be best to spread them out a little.

Rutledge 097 Today, It’s Mallary Hope and The Carter Twins. I’d seen Mallary before, when she was in Bristol, Tenn., back in October. She surprised me. I wrote then that I was familiar with her music because of “Love Lives On,” and because I listened to some of her music on her MySpace page. But I have to admit my jaw dropped when this young  lady took the stage in Bristol back in October. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I knew she could sing, but I didn’t know how absolutely entertaining she would be. I’m not going to go over all that again, but if you didn’t read that report back in October, you can read it here.

Rutledge 128 Seeing Mallary again in Nashville last week only reinforced what I think about the enormous amount of talent this kid has. She really belongs on the stage. She loves to entertain. She loves to talk. She loves to tell stories. And when you combine all of that with fantastic vocals and a songwriting talent, you have what I believe is referred to as “the total package.”

Mallary isn’t just a talented entertainer, she’s Mallary. She’s likeable, she’s friendly, and she seems to enjoy hanging around with the people who come to see her perform. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable around her.

Rutledge 098 I’m anxious to start hearing Mallary’s new single, “Blossom in the Dust,” on local radio. There’s a lot of great new talent in the world of country music — and I’d have to put Mallary right up at the top with the best of them.

Rutledge 253 I enjoyed seeing the Carter Twins, too. I was familiar with some of their music, and of course had seen the video for “Heart Like Memphis,” and I listened to some of their other music. I loved their version of “Let it Snow,” that they had out this past Christmas – although right now I wish it wouldn’t! (I’ve had my fill of snow). So I went to this event expecting to like them – and I did.

Rutledge 240 I’m going to sound as if someone punched my “replay” button before I get to the end of this. Because again, I was very impressed with these two. They were the only entertainers that night who brought the audience to the front of the stage. Before the kids started, their female fans headed up to the stage to be close to them while they sang.

I just listened to “Heart of Memphis,” and “Reinvent the Wheel” again, and I have to tell you – if you haven’t listened enough to notice, these two can definitely sing. The harmonies are great, and I think they could sing anything. Someone once used the phrase “From Beethoven to the Beatles.” I’m not sure what or who they were talking about – but they could have been talking about Zach and Josh.

Rutledge 134 After their set, and before it for that matter, the duo hung around with their fans, and watched the other artists when they were on state. These kids posed for pictures – lots of pictures – signed autographs, chatted with everyone at the event, and were as nice as they are talented.

Rutledge 137 I realize that being somewhere like The Rutledge gave us a little more opportunity to mingle with the performers. It wasn’t the kind of place with a security guard on every door, and a press pass or ‘meet & greet” pass needed to walk up to an entertainer and say ‘Hello’. And that was very nice.

Josh and Zach also helped raise money for the benefit by allowing themselves to be auctioned off for a lunch date with a few fans. I believe they raised more than $750.00 with the little auction. Not bad at all!

There are two more artists to tell you about. One is Adam Gregory, and the other is Matt Stillwell. I’m sure you all know Matt because of his songs like “Shine,” and “Sweet Sun Angel.” I wasn’t familiar with Adam, until I saw him at the event. But I’m sure you’ll be hearing me, and a lot of others, talk about him form now on.

That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you all later. Have a nice Wednesday. I hope I do – we’ve got more stupid snow out there. Write when you get a minute.


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Here we go again … Another report about that fantastic benefit for City of Hope, that Country Music is Love put together for us at The Rutledge on Feb. 9, 2010. This is the only way I could think to do this. I mean, they got 10 great...