Sean 4 Back on Dec. 17, I gave you guys a little introduction to Sean Patrick McGraw. I just got a press release telling me that seven dates have been added to this year’s Jagermeister Tour, which as most of us know has Sean Patrick out on the road with Eric Church and Josh Thompson. (We’ll have something up on Eric and Josh real soon.)

This seemed like a very good time to tell you a little more about Sean Patrick. And since that announcement telling us about the new dates included an extensive bio of this talented singer, I thought this seemed like the perfect time.

Sean 3 First, here’s when and where you can find Sean Patrick McGraw, Eric Church and Josh Thompson for their seven additional Jagermeister shows.

3/17 – Madison, WI – The Orpheum Theatre; 3/18 – Green Bay, WI – Tom, Dick & Harrys; 3/19 – Kalamazoo, MI – State Theatre; 3/20 – Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre; 3/21 – Springfield, IL – Prairie Capital Convention Center; 3/24 – Des Moines, IA – Val Air Ballroom; and 3/27 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theatre.

Sean 1 I’m going to use the rest of this post to give you a few more pictures of Sean Patrick McGraw, and some excerpts from his bio. He’s got a really good sound, and I hope you will all visit his web page and get to know this kid.

From Sean Patrick McGraw’s Bio

Amid the two-day mainstream country, bluegrass, folk, roots rock and alt-country bonanza that was the third annual Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California, the unlikely last-minute addition of Sean Patrick McGraw (“Not related to Tim, so I didn’t pull any strings to be here”) to The Mane Stage line-up proved a surprise high point of the weekend. “Letting his freak flag fly” with the psychobilly swagger of a true country rocker, McGraw caught the attention of the record-setting crowd, industry insiders, and media heavyweights alike.

According to August Brown of the Los Angeles Times, “His early contender of a hit, ‘A Dollar Ain’t Worth a Dime,’ is one of the first of what will surely be many recession themed laments, but unlike John Rich’s ‘Shutting Detroit Down,’ McGraw keeps his sociology enticingly vague, warning that ‘People do desperate things in desperate times/if a man don’t turn to Jesus, he’ll turn to crime,’ but it doesn’t feel like Christian proselytizing — more an acknowledgment that neither course of action is likely to help in the long run.”

Sean 2 Indeed, McGraw handles the subject of recession with the earnest understanding of a man who’s been on the front lines. “Last summer just clobbered me,” McGraw explains. “Between the poor exchange rate with Canada, where we did a bunch of shows, and gas being almost $5 a gallon, by the time I got off a West Coast run I was losing money on the road.” The resulting stress and frustration inspired “Dollar Ain’t Worth A Dime,” equal parts simmering rage and quiet resignation, as much an invitation to commiserate as a celebration of the American worker’s unfailing fortitude.

S.P.. McGraw2It soon became evident that Nashville was where McGraw belonged, so after a two-week trip and a couple nights at The Bluebird Café, McGraw made the move to Music City and hit the ground running. He soon signed a publishing deal with Liz Rose, and went on to write for Curb Magnatone. Despite some disappointments, including a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stint on Nashville Star and as a member of the Brett Beavers band The Unforgiven (“We had some buzz for about a minute”), McGraw always found a way to pay the bills with music, impersonating Glenn Frye in an Eagles tribute band, taking sideman gigs with Dean Miller and Steve Holy, doing session work and continuing to write songs.

It’s a crazy life, and McGraw looks upon it with bemused satisfaction in “My So Called Life,” reflecting, “Some days I own this town, other days it shoots me down/Always I’m still hanging round, holdin’ on to hope.” Expertly depicting the driving pace of his “Honky Tonk Life,” McGraw stubbornly continues to hope: “I could quit all this road stuff, go back to my real job, put in a straight 9 to 5/But I love the neon, I love the people, and I love the Honky Tonk Life.” For Sean Patrick McGraw, the honky tonk life is the only life. “I never gave myself a plan B,” he says. “I never decided to grow up. I never got anything the easy way, and I’m proud of that.”

Going to leave you here with Sean Patrick, and a little “Dollar Ain’t Worth A Dime.”

That’s it for this morning. Let’s all go enjoy a rainy Tuesday at the office. Talk to you guys soon!

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Back on Dec. 17, I gave you guys a little introduction to Sean Patrick McGraw. I just got a press release telling me that seven dates have been added to this year’s Jagermeister Tour, which as most of us know has Sean Patrick out on the road with...