Colt Ford 060 The last time there was a review up on Country’s Chatter about Colt Ford, I didn’t get to write it. The show being reviewed took place on Nov. 20, 2009, and I was off to Pikeville, Ky. to board the Santa Train the next morning. Lesley went to the show in my place, and wrote an outstanding review, which you can read here. That was then, this is now. And I have finally had my chance to see Colt Ford do a show, and this time, I get to tell you all about what I saw.

Tyler Farr opened for Colt. I didn’t know much about him. When I heard he was going to be there, I looked at his MySpace page and listened to his music. He has a lot of his songs on his MySpace. What I didn’t know about Tyler, was that he wasn’t only opening for Colt Ford, he’s part of Colt’s band. At least for now.

Colt Ford 045 Tyler did tell us that he will be heading out on his own in October, from the number of shows he has up on his schedule, it looks like the world is ready for him. I hope you will all head over and check out his MySpace. Let me know what you think of Tyler Farr – more importantly, let him know. I think you’re going to like him.

Now, on to the Colt Ford Show. It has never been a secret that I’m not a fan of rap music. Colt refers to his music as “spoken-word” country music. But I still think it’s more like rap. I didn’t really mind songs like Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue,” or “Phantom 309” by Red Sovine. But as much as I like Toby Keith, “I Wanna Talk About Me” is definitely not one of my favorite ‘I think I’ll talk instead of sing’ songs. I’ve been a country music fan for more than 50 years, but I think country music is changing a little faster than I am. Maybe one day, I’ll catch up. But let me add to that – What I saw last night on the stage of the Appalachian Fair was not just some guy rapping …. it was entertainment!

Colt Ford 077 I have all of Colt’s CDs, and I listen sometimes. I love the artists who Colt has on the CDs with him. James Otto, Randy Houser, Josh Gracin, to name a few. And I think even Colt would agree that he needs the vocals behind him to make the most of his music. And guys, he definitely had the vocals behind him last night.

It wasn’t James Otto, or John Michael Montgomery – the vocals and music he had last night came from his fantastic band. I just can’t say enough about Suzanne Rohrer. She plays the fiddle. I mean, she really plays the fiddle! Awesome musician, great performer, and friendly, too. Tyler Farr is on acoustic guitar, and of course vocals. With opening, and then being in Colt’s show, too, he did lot on stage last night. And if he was tired, you never would have known it when he came out after the show to talk to his fans and pose for pictures. Rick Brothers is Colt’s drummer. And he sings, too. Not while he’s playing drums, but he actually got off the drums, came out and did a song — and get this, Colt Ford played drums while Rick sang. How cool is that.

Colt Ford 112 The other band members are Jayson Chance, lead guitar and Paul Chapman on Bass. That brings us to vocalist Lindsey Hager. When that little, tiny girl opens her mouth to sing, and you hear that voice, all you can say is “Where in the world did that come from.”  She has a huge voice, unforgettable stage presence, and talk about someone who likes what she does. She’s a sweet little thing, who also took the time to come out after the show and visit with us, and you know she had to be tired. I think it was Lindsey who said something about the “Colt Ford Review”… what a fitting name. Because this is definitely all of them, working together to put on a very entertaining show. Each of the kids in Colt Ford’s show join together to make it a very enjoyable experience.

Colt Ford 152 Colt and his band had the biggest audience so far at this year’s fair. And the people were loving it! I’d say he also had the longest line for autographs after the show. And let me tell you about Colt Ford. He is so friendly, and so good to his fans. I think he is currently in a tie for “Friendliest Entertainer at the 2010 Appalachian Fair,” But at least the tie is with a good friend of his, Kevin Fowler, who was there on Tuesday night.

When Colt came out after the show to sign autographs, someone announced “one autographed item per person please.” And Colt looked up and said, “no, I’ll sign whatever they bring me.” And, I smiled. A really big smile. It was after 10 p.m., I knew it would take forever for the end of that autograph line to reach Colt, and I knew Colt had to be in Arkansas today. I also knew Colt didn’t really mind at all. He was going to sign for the fans, and let them take pictures with him. Just another example of who he is. Colt has not let any of his success change him. He’s still a guy from Georgia, who like to perform, and get right out there with the people who support him. You have to love that about an entertainer.

Time for more pictures. Enjoy!

Colt Ford 062  Colt Ford 085

Colt Ford 086  Colt Ford 075

Colt Ford 160  Colt Ford 146

Colt Ford 050 Colt Ford 097  Colt Ford 121

Colt Ford 188  Colt Ford 197

Colt Ford 184  Colt Ford 155

Colt Ford 102  Colt Ford 105

Colt Ford 106  Colt Ford 192

That’s all for now. I will talk to you guys soon. And to my new friends I met last night, Colt, Lindsey, Sue – send me a tweet now and then, just to let me know you remember who I am. It was gerat meating all of you.


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The last time there was a review up on Country’s Chatter about Colt Ford, I didn’t get to write it. The show being reviewed took place on Nov. 20, 2009, and I was off to Pikeville, Ky. to board the Santa Train the next morning. Lesley went to...