Jaron and Kevin Fowler 291 I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I think most of us only know Kevin Fowler because of his current hit, “Pound Sign”.  But after spending last night with Kevin at the Appalachian Fair, I found out things I didn’t know about this guy. Things I am glad I know now. And things that have turned me into a fan of Kevin and his band, and not just a fan of one song.

He came out early, to the WXBQ tent, for an on-air interview with Marc Tragler. And you knew from the minute he came out that he was funny and he was friendly. After the interview, he wasn’t in any hurry to leave the fans standing around the area. I think he were actually more fun with us than heading back stage to wait for show time. He stood, he talked, he signed autographs, he posed for pictures with fans, and this was even before the Meet & Greet. He just wasn’t in a real hurry. I hope that when he turns into a really huge star, that part of him won’t change. I don’t think it could though – because Kevin is really a friendly guy. And everyone loved that about him.

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 034Kevin has been playing in Texas for at least 10 years, if I was listening good enough to remember. He plays real country music. He plays the stuff you would expect to hear if you walked into a genuine, just-down-the-street in a small southern town honky tonk. He plays the stuff you want to sing along to, and the stuff you can’t help but want to dance to.

He does a lot of shows in Texas and the southwestern part of the U.S. But he does have some shows coming up in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi. Most of his shows are in Texas – Those lucky Texas fans! You can check out his schedule at his web site.

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 163While Kevin can definitely sing, play guitar, dance, say things to make you laugh, and entertain a crowd, I do need to add this.  I found out very quickly that this is not The Kevin Fowler Show.  This is not Kevin Fowler, Front man for a band. This is the Kevin Fowler Band, or Kevin and the Boys, or the Fowler Band, with Kevin Fowler. Because as good as Kevin is, as much as he talks to you, makes you laugh, dances around on stage, and entertains from the first note,  you just can’t watch only Kevin. You watch the band. They all work so well together.

When I see someone with a good fiddle player in their band, I usually mention that. When I see an artist who has a fantastic drummer, I usually mention that, too. But what I saw last night was a performer with an amazing group of musicians behind him. Whenever band members are introduced on stage, they always get to do a little solo, everyone claps, and we move on. Well, last night, when each of these guys in the band got to do their solo, I was not the only one sitting there going, ‘let him play longer!” And I think I said that each time one of them finished.

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 168 Now, just so you know – the next time you see Kevin, here are the guys in that great band. Jason McBride is on the fiddle, Artie Passes, steel; Ken Tondre, drums; Tracy Martin, lead guitar; and Gary Herman, Bass. I could tell you things about each of them – the comic that comes out in Gary; the dance moves from Jason and Tracy; the awesome drum solo from Ken, and the sounds Artie gets out of his steel guitar make it seem as if a steel guitar might be all an artist needs to back him. Fantastic band. And what great music!

I’m still so impressed with the fact that I went and heard country music last night. A few of the songs he did, in addition to ”Pound Sign,” of course – were “Beer, Bait and Ammo,” and “Girl in a Truck,” and even the humorous “Don’t Touch My Willie,” had people clapping, laughing, and enjoying it all from the time Kevin stepped on stage until the time he left. By the way, that “Willie” song is about Willie Nelson records. I just thought it might be necessary to clear that up – in case anyone out there was wondering.

What a great show. And now, it’s time for a few more pictures!

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 013  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 032

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 149  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 178 Jaron and Kevin Fowler 166

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 225  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 254

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 239  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 162   Jaron and Kevin Fowler 248  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 180

Jaron and Kevin Fowler 202  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 178  Jaron and Kevin Fowler 275

That will do it for today. I’m heading back to the fair tonight for a little bit of “Chicken & Biscuits” with Colt Ford. Thanks so much for all of the e-mail. I will get you answered just as soon as I can, but this week it’s off to the Fair!

Talk to you all tomorrow.

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I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I think most of us only know Kevin Fowler because of his current hit, “Pound Sign”.  But after spending last night with Kevin at the Appalachian Fair, I found out things I didn’t know about this guy. Things...