Nick Nicholson W Va 273 On Saturday, Sept. 25, I went to Vienna, W. Va., a little town just on the edge of Parkersburg, to see someone I hadn’t seen for more than a year. It was a six hour drive, but well worth the time. I was going to see Nick Nicholson.

All of my regular readers have been hearing me talk about Nick since March 2008, the first time I heard his music. And I really hope those of you who are not familiar with this very talented rising country star will go back and read some of the articles I’ve written about him previously. (Click here, and here, and here for learn more about Nick.)

I think most of you have been to at least one country music concert. You know the kind I’m talking about – big arena, or perhaps a stadium. They have thousands and thousands of attendees, and the most elaborate stage sets. I’ve seen entertainers pop up out of the floor, slowly rise from elevators, come out of vehicles on stage when you weren’t sure where the vehicles came from – and of course there is Kenny Chesney who floated down over the crowd on a swing.

Nick Nicholson W Va 029 These very expensive productions often have costume changes, and normally you can expect at least one jumbotron which makes it possible for everyone to see the show – at least on screen. The stages are lit with mechanical and electrical objects that move, spin, or in some other way try to entertain us while we listen to our favorite artists sing.

So what happens when you take away all of those special effects, fancy electronics, elevators and vehicles – what kind of show would you have then? You would have a show like we saw in West Virginia Saturday night! You would have one great artist, one great band, and a show that did not disappoint anyone! We did have stage lights of course, in various colors, and we even had a costume change from our star, Nick Nicholson. While watching Nick perform, it was very obvious to everyone, it’s not about lights, jumbotrons and special effects – it really is all about the music. You go to concerts because you want to watch your favorite artists sing their songs, with their band behind them.

Nick Nicholson W Va 119 Nick has got what I believe is usually referred to as ‘the whole package’. He can sing, he can write, and he can definitely work the stage. He looks like he belongs there. And he loves what he is doing. He plays guitar, and he even took his turn behind the drum set, since he started his music career as a drummer for a rock band. After the show, he took the time to visit with fans, pose for pictures, sign autographs, and just talk to people who wanted to know more about him.

There was even an independent film maker there, who is doing a documentary which will feature Nick, along with six other artists in different areas of the entertainment field. I will be telling you all more about this documentary, which has been in the working for about five years, as soon as more information is available to me.

Nick Nicholson W Va 016 The folks at US 107 (UNUS Radio, Parkersburg/Marietta) had Nick in to promote his current single, “Stronger Than Whiskey.”  I got go excited when I heard Nick’s song on the radio, as we drove into Parkersburg — you would have thought it was my record!

Nick Nicholson W Va 035 I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Doug Flint, “The Old Coyote,” who is the on-air personality weekdays from 10 a.m .-3 p.m. Doug and I had some great conversations about country music. He knows so much about the business, and about country music in general. He was fun to listen to, and I really appreciated him giving me so much of his time.

The outdoor show was held on the grounds of a great restaurant called the Fishbone Gill and Grill, which sits right on the banks of the Ohio River. What a great view! You could sit on the deck, or even inside the restaurant, eat your dinner, and watch the boats. The food was very good, and the wait staff were friendly, and great at their jobs. It was just fun.

But the dinner was simply a prelude to what was coming next. I was there to see a show. And, believe me, I saw a show! Now, it’s time to get some pictures up here for all of you. I hope the next time Nick Nicholson gets anywhere near you – you will have a chance to go see him. You definitely won’t be sorry.

Nick Nicholson W Va 010 Nick Nicholson W Va 007 Nick Nicholson W Va 148 

Nick Nicholson W Va 136 Nick Nicholson W Va 079

Nick Nicholson W Va 166  Nick Nicholson W Va 221

Nick Nicholson W Va 214  Nick Nicholson W Va 215

Nick Nicholson W Va 194  Nick Nicholson W Va 008

Nick Nicholson W Va 101  Nick Nicholson W Va 230  Nick Nicholson W Va 126

There you have it – Nick Nicholson, “Stronger Than Whiskey.” a great song by a great artist. Now, hit the phones, call your favorite radio station and ask them to get this song on the air.  Visit Nick’s web site and MySpace pages, too. He’s a very talented entertainer, and very appreciative of our support.

That’s all for now. Time for me to head to the office. You guys take care – write when you have a minute – and let me know what you think of Nick.

More soon!

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On Saturday, Sept. 25, I went to Vienna, W. Va., a little town just on the edge of Parkersburg, to see someone I hadn’t seen for more than a year. It was a six hour drive, but well worth the time. I was going to see Nick Nicholson....