COLT CD 001When I got my review copy of Colt Ford’s new CD, my first thought was “Ut-oh”. It has never been a secret that I’m not a fan of rap music. I mean not even a little bit. So to have someone making ‘country rap’ CDs wasn’t going to help me much. It is still rap music. Keep in mind that I am not saying I don’t like Colt Ford. I think he is one of the most genuine, caring, appreciative artists I have ever met. He’s funny. He’s very real. And he’s the kind of guy you would enjoy coffee and a conversation with at your local Waffle House.

Many of you may remember that last August, I got a very pleasant surprise when I went to our Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tenn., and saw Colt’s show. Colt and his band put on one of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen. He’s a very fun guy, and the members of his band have more musical talent than even I am used to seeing on one stage.  I hope any of you who missed that show review and introduction to Colt’s band will take a look back and read it, by clicking here.

Colt Ford 085I try to be an open-minded person. I did go to that show, and I really did like it! But even after seeing that show, I wasn’t sure I could ever put a Cold Ford CD in and listen to the whole thing. I’ve had this new CD for more than a week, and it was definitely time to stick this bad boy into my CD player and have a listen. I was already intrigued by the fact that I was about to hear, not only Colt, but Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson, Trent Tomlinson, Frankie Ballard, Charlie Daniels, and so many of my other country favorites.

Colt Ford 122OK, guys, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong. The CD is good. Now, I have not come full-circle yet – the CD is not great. At least not for me,. But you know what? I actually listened to it all the way through. And I’ll probably listen to it again. That in itself is a real accomplishment for me. All the songs are rapping, yet all the songs are different.  I think all of Colt’s fans are going to find a lot to like in this album. And even people who don’t think they are Colt Ford fans are bound to find a song or two they like as well. The CD is really not too bad.

Colt Ford 109Do I think this is country music. Sorry, but no – I don’t. Do I think it’s entertaining music that is going to garner a lot of fans for Colt – yes, I definitely do. Tim McGraw and Craig Morgan are among those feature don the “Every Chance I Get” CD.  Here’s the complete track listing:

1. Country Thang f/ Eric Church
2. Work It Out f/ Luke Bryan
3. Waste Some Time f/ Nappy Roots and Nic Cowan
4. Do It With My Eyes Closed f/ Josh Thompson
5. This Is Our Song f/ Danny Boone of Rehab
6. Titty’s Beer f/ Trent Tomlinson
7. She Likes To Ride In Trucks f/ Craig Morgan
8. Pipe The Sunshine In f/ Tyler Farr
9. Every Chance I Get
10. What I Call Home f/ JB & The Moonshine Band
11. Overworked & Underpaid f/ Charlie Daniels
12. Skirts & Boots f/ Frankie Ballard
13. Twisted f/ Tim McGraw

Colt Ford 092I think my favorite song on the CD is “She Likes to Ride in Trucks,” featuring Craig Morgan. Biggest shock about that is – I actually have a favorite on this album. My least favorite,  possibly has something to do with the fact that I’m an old person, and I’m just not ready to hear something titled “Titty’s Beer” on local radio. (And I seriously doubt it will ever reach local radio).  Trent Tomlinson is in the feature spot on this one. And it is trying to be a fun song, a little play on words – or maybe not. But it’s about Titty’s beer. I’ll let you all listen and decide what you think about that one.

Overall, I have to say this CD is more than any Colt Ford fans could hope for. He, along with all of the featured artists, have really done an outstanding job with these songs. I would highly recommend the album to any of Colt’s fans, and to anyone who isn’t quite sure if they are a Colt Ford fan or not. It actually might help you make up your mind. 

Colt Ford 184I know you have all heard me say this before, and I really mean it – first opportunity you get to see Colt Ford in concert, don’t miss your chance. If you’ve had a bad day, or are a little down in the dumps – that’s all the more reason to go. You will definitely leave happy and smiling. And,  I can almost assure you – with an autograph. Colt is definitely one of our fan-friendly artists. And, that’s important.Be sure to check out his schedule on his web page.

I need to get ready to head to the office. I hope you all have a fantastic Monday. Talk to you soon!


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When I got my review copy of Colt Ford’s new CD, my first thought was “Ut-oh”. It has never been a secret that I’m not a fan of rap music. I mean not even a little bit. So to have someone making ‘country rap’ CDs wasn’t going to help...