Lee Luke CMT Tour 006On Thursday night, Oct. 13, 2011, Johnson City, Tenn., had the pleasure of seeing Lee Brice in concert at Freedom Hall. Lee was there as part of this year’s CMT Tour, with Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson and Matt Mason. This post is about Lee. I’ll get more up soon, with pictures of Luke Bryan, Matt Mason and Josh Thompson, who were also part of the tour.

I had an pre-show interview scheduled with Lee, but unfortunately I had another commitment for the same night, same time. I need to thank Brittany Johnson for taking my spot at the interview. Those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter since it started nearly four years ago, may remember her name, as she frequently contributes concert pictures to the site. This was her first interview, and she did a fine job with it.

Lee Luke CMT Tour 053Here is Brittany’s interview with Lee, and pictures from Lee’s show on Thursday night.

CC: How is the CMT Tour going so far?

LEE: It’s going great! You know I’m out with Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson and Matt Mason. Luke and I came to town about the same time. Josh I met about five years ago, and Matt I just met recently. It’s nice being on tour with folks you know, buddies,  actual friends because we get out on the road a lot and don’t get to hang out with actual people, so it’s nice being out with friends. Luke’s fans, and my fans, and Josh’s fans are just rocking – so we’re having a good time.

CC: Are you going to do a video for your new single, “A Woman Like You”?

LEE: I’m going to do two videos next week. One for the new single, and one for a song called “I Drive Your Truck.”

Lee Luke CMT Tour 065CC: How would you describe a Lee Brice Concert to a person who has never seen you?

LEE: Well, hopefully it’s good. My thing is, I just have a ball doing what I do. I grew up watching a lot of shows. I saw Garth Brooks one time, and I just loved that he could come out and rock you in your face, and then all of a sudden just break down to a guitar and sing to you. Kind of like a roller coaster ride – like dynamics. That’s what I like to do…what I try to do anyway.

CC: You’ve written songs for yourself and other people. What inspires you when you write a song?

LEE: Real life stuff that I’m going through or that I’ve gone through. Sometimes it’s just maybe a guitar riff that makes me think of a title or some feeling.  Sometimes it’s not all 100% life. It always comes from somewhere – maybe I’ve been somewhere before that reminds me of something. It all depends on the the day and on the song. But it all comes from how I felt and things like that.

Lee Luke CMT Tour 079CC: What are your plans after the CMT Tour wraps?

LEE: I’ll continue out the rest of the year with Fairs and Festivals, finish my album. That will be finished by the end of the year. Then I’ll get a couple of weeks off and be hitting it again. Right now I feel like while the iron is hot I need to be striking!

CC: How good does your new album sound.

LEE: I love it. I feel like it’s very ‘me’ as of right now. The last album I made over two or three years, so it’s kind of a big stretch of my life. This album is “boom” … I’m making the album. And it’s kind of how you should make records. So I’m glad my label let me go ahead and make the album . It’s going to be different. It’s not going to be ‘paint by number’ – it’s going to be different. But I feel like I got some hits on there, and I feel like I got some stuff the people can relate to, so I’m real excited.

Lee Luke CMT Tour 005CC: What artists would you like to tour with, that you haven’t yet?

LEE:  I haven’t toured with Garth [laughing here] , Chesney or Tim McGraw. Those are guys who have intense shows, maybe Brad Paisley. Those are guys I haven’t toured with I’m excited about, and hope I get to some day.

CC:  Have you ever thought of doing a duet? Who with?

LEE: I don’t know if it would be a duet, maybe more of a collaboration. I’ thought I ‘d like to do something with Miranda some day. On my next album I have a song called “Beer” and I would like to have Brantley Gilbert do a collaboration on that one.

Lee Luke CMT Tour 075CC: Do you have any pets?

LEE: Not right now. I did have a dog for 17-1/2, “Missy” – that’s an old black lab. She was old, but I had her from the time I was in the third grade until I moved to Nashville. I am hoping to get a little dog soon.

CC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a fan do?

LEE: That’s tough. I have seen fans tattooed. There is a fan who tattooed my face on their back, and my initials on their arm as b ig as their forearm. So, getting my face tattooed on them is really a little bit crazy to me.

Lee Luke CMT Tour 087CC: You played football for Clemson – what years were you there?

LEE: I was there in 1998, 1999 and 2000 – I got out of there that year and moved to Nashville.

CC: Do you still follow Clemson?

LEE: Oh yeah, they’re 6-0, they’re rockin’!

In addition to Lee’s web site, remember you can keep up with him on facebook, and you can follow him on Twitter @leebrice.

I’m sorry I missed the interview and the show, but can’t thank Brittany enough for taking care of this for me. Also, many, many thanks to Lee and his people for making time for this interview. I’ll definitely be there next time you are doing a show anywhere in northeast Tennessee!

That’s it for tonight. More later!

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On Thursday night, Oct. 13, 2011, Johnson City, Tenn., had the pleasure of seeing Lee Brice in concert at Freedom Hall. Lee was there as part of this year’s CMT Tour, with Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson and Matt Mason. This post is about Lee. I’ll get more up soon,...