EC CDEaston Corbin has a new CD. The release date is Tuesday, Sept. 18, so you don’t have long to wait for tis one.  This is his second album, and follows his self-titled debut album that was released back in March 2010. That first album features Easton’s two No. 1 hits, “A Little More Country Than that,” and “Roll With It,” and also his top 15 hit, “I Can’t Love You Back.”

Easton Corbin 013The new album includes Easton’s current top 15 hit, “Lovin’ You is Fun.” Speaking of that song. If you haven’t visited Easton’s web site lately, you might want to go have a look. The first thing you see, before you actually enter the site, is the video for that single.

Here are the songs you are going to find in the new album, and the names of the people who wrote them:
1. All Over The Road (Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley, Wade Kriby)
2. Lovin’ You Is Fun (Jim Beavers, Bob DiPiero)
3. That’s Gonna Leave A Memory (Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, Roger Springer)
4. Hearts Drawn In The Sand (Michael White, Jason Saenz)
5. Dance Real Slow (Carson Chamberlain, Ashley Gorley, Wade Kirby)
6. A Thing For You (Easton Corbin, Carson Chamberlain, Tony Lane)
7. Are You With Me (Tommy Lee James, Terry McBride, Shane McAnally)
8. This Feels A Lot Like Love (Easton Corbin, Carson Chamberlain, Mark D. Sanders)
9. Only A Girl (Carson Chamberlain, Wade Kirby, Will Nance)
10. Tulsa, Texas (Tony Lane, Mike Lane, David Lee)
11. I Think Of You (Thom Shepherd, Jeff Silvey)

Easton Corbin 093I’m thinking the title track “All Over the Road,” just might be Easton’s next single. It’s fast, it’s good, and it’s pretty typically ‘Easton’. It reminds me a lot like some of his other songs, but I think anyone who liked those will like this one. I actually liked it better than “Lovin’ You is Fun.” Easton definitely spends a lot of time on the road, so the song is a good fit.

Easton Corbin 129The second song, “Lovin’ You is Fun,” is one that we’ve all heard, it’s working it’s way up the charts, and it was a good song for me to ‘compare’ his other 10 on this list. “That’s Gonna Leave a Memory" slows things down a little bit. It’s still a fast song, but not quite as fast as the first two. The title pretty much tells you what you can expect from the lyrics. “Hearts Drawn in the Sand” might end up on radio during the summer of 2013. It’s a good song. It’s really ‘summer’, and it’s little late to think about releasing this one, this year. It’s another song that shouts “Easton Corbin” when you hear it.  It’s more than that recognizable voice. It’s in his presentation, or maybe even the songs themselves. But something about each of Easton’s songs tends to remind you of one of his other songs.

Easton Corbin 121The fifth song is called “Dance Real Slow.” I expected a real slow song – I didn’t get one. Maybe that’s about as slow as Easton gets, because it has slowed it down a little bit. But I still would not consider it a ‘ballad’.  It’s followed by “A Thing For You,” which Easton had a hand in writing. “Farmers farm and painters paint, God is good and the devil ain’t…summers hot and sidewalks crack, don’t ask me why it goes like that…” Great lyrics, one of my favorites on the CD, for sure.

Mallar and Easton 136“Are You With Me” is song six, and finally – this one does slow things down. I know country music fans pay a lot of attention to lyrics. I go to concerts, I hear them all singing along. This is one they will listen to the lyrics, the will remember the words, but I think at a show – they will leave Easton do the singing on  “Are You With Me.” Easton doesn’t stay in a slowed-down mood long. No. 8, “This Feels A Lot Like Love,” will get you back out of your seat, clapping your hands and singing along. Easton also added his writing talents to this song. It’s another one of those ‘I don’t’ think anyone but Easton Corbin could record this’ kind of songs. I like it, I think you’ll like it – it really works for him.

Mallar and Easton 098That brings us to “Only A Girl”, and here comes that “George Strait voice” again. We all remember when “A Little More Country Than That” first arrived on country radio. Everyone, not just me, Everyone thought he sounded like a young George Strait. This one does, too. And I also reminded me a little of “A Little More Country”. So what’s not to like!  “Tulsa Texas” is one of those a little slower, but not really slow, songs. When a song starts with lyrics like “You know I’ll always be your Cowboy, but I can’t be nobody’s fool, so while you’re putting on your makeup, I’ll be putting on my boots….” You just know you’re about to get a country song with a modern day – I can’t stay here anymore – kind of story.

Easton Corbin 062Last, but not least (as they say), we’ve got “I Think Of You.” The last spot on the CD is the right place for this song. Now, just let your CD player turn itself off, and go to sleep. This slow song with its romantic lyrics is a very nice lace to end.

Easton Corbin 006Overall, I think the CD is great. there are no surprises. No rap, no rock, no pop. It’s country music. I am very glad Easton Corbin is continuing to do what he does best. There’s not a song among them that I don’t like, and at the same time. And while I think typical country music fans would be very receptive to “All Over the Road” for Easton’s next single, I’m sure any one of these songs would be right for radio, and a good choice for the next single release for Easton.

Easton Corbin 014The pictures I’ve included throughout this review are all ones I have taken at various Easton Corbin concerts. And, I’m looking forward to seeing him again just as soon as it’s possible. He’s great artist, who is as good live as he is recorded, and he definitely knows how to work a stage Hope you will all get a chance to see him, too.

In addition to Easton’s web site, remember to check out his facebook page, and his YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter @eastoncorbin.

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Easton Corbin has a new CD. The release date is Tuesday, Sept. 18, so you don’t have long to wait for tis one.  This is his second album, and follows his self-titled debut album that was released back in March 2010. That first album features Easton’s two No. 1...