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Sometimes, when I get home from a concert, I sit in front of my computer with a lot of notes, and try to write a little article for all of you. Other times, I sit here with a camera card and a lot of great memories, and the article writes itself. I think that is pretty much the case this morning. We’re winding down our ‘fair season’ here in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. The weather is cooling off, the sun goes down a little earlier. I’ve had a summer full of performances by one country artist after the next – Our Russell County Fair gave me another great show to watch, enjoy, and share with all of you.

Bucky Russell County 100Last night, Bucky Covington took the stage at the fair in Castlewood, Va. This is an artist I have seen many times since he first appeared on the concert scene. The first time was in Gray, Tenn. Bucky was with Lyric Street Records at the time, he had a song on country radio, a huge following of country fans, and what seemed to be an even larger following of ‘fans’ who knew him from American Idol. His show was good. Everyone enjoyed it. But, somewhere between then and now, Bucky’s show changed – it went from good, to great.

Bucky Russell County 101He’s learned a lot over the years. He is on stage to entertain his audience. And now, more than ever before – he seems to understand what ‘entertaining’ is all about. While he always could sing, even his vocals have gotten better, his contact and interaction with the audience is (and appreciated) by everyone watching, and he looks like he would rather be on stage than anywhere else in the world. I paid special attention to what was coming out of Bucky’s guitar last night. His instrumentals are right up there with his vocals, and I would love to see him (and the band) do a full 4-minute, instrumental number that really lets Bucky come to the very front of the stage, and play that thing like we saw him do (for a few seconds) last night.

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Now would be the perfect time to introduce you to the band. Of course we’ve got Rocky Covington, Bucky’s very identical twin, on drums; Scott Tweten, lead guitar; Kevin Wood, bass; and Ducky Medlock, guitar. Ducky also co-wrote “Good Guys,” which you will be hearing more about tomorrow, when we put up a review for Bucky’s new CD (to be released Tuesday, Sept. 11). We had a chance to sit down and talk to Bucky about the new CD last night, so be sure to read tomorrow’s review, which will include a few comments from Bucky.

Bucky Russell County 214What else can I tell you about last night’s show? Not much – It was all good, the fans loved it, and Bucky is still the same kid he was at the very beginning of his career. He loves what he does, he loves his fans, and he continues to make time for them both at ‘before the show’ Meet & Greets, and ‘after the show’ autograph signings at the merchandise tent. No matter how big Bucky might get in the world of country music, he gives every impression he will continue to be the kind of performer who remembers all of the people who helped him to become the artist he is.

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I do need to thank the folks at the Russell County Fair for bringing Bucky in to do the show, and Alpha Natural Resources for their sponsorship of Bucky’s show. Wanted to share this photo of one of the youngest fans at the concert – I’m not sure how this little one managed to sleep during the concert, but it looks like the perfect time for a good nap.

That’s about all I can say about the show in Castlewood. We’ll let the pictures take over from here.

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That’s it for now – hope you will check back tomorrow for the CD review, more pictures from last night, including a picture of Louie and Slim – the  family pets. Have a great Sunday! More later!
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Sometimes, when I get home from a concert, I sit in front of my computer with a lot of notes, and try to write a little article for all of you. Other times, I sit here with a camera card and a lot of great memories, and...