Album Launch Week to include national TV and Firefighter Memorial Performance from New York

Bucky 176I had one of the best Monday’s ever. It was a Monday for sure, very busy day at the office – but I got to listen to eight full hours of Bucky Covington, in my CD player, on ‘repeat’, for the entire day. And, I am not complaining.  Some things are definitely worth waiting for, and “Good Guys” is one of those things.  The CD has 12 tracks, and every one of them is good, and a few of them blew out the top of my ‘great’ meter.

One of my favorite Bucky songs of all time is part of this CD. That is “A Father’s Love.” I remember when that song was first released, I listened to it more than once, and I just knew that whoever wrote that song must have been a personal friend of my Dad. Because that song was definitely all about my Dad. But I realized after listening to it a few more times that there are probably a lot of Dads who just never really were able to say “I love you” to their kids. That certainly didn’t mean they didn’t love them, it just meant they had to tell them ‘the only way they knew how’. It’s a great song, and I’m so glad it’s part of what I have now discovered is a great CD.

Good GuysBefore I tell you about the rest of the CD, let me share part of a press release I received today.  “As part of the launch week plans for GOOD GUYS, which GAC declares “a solid collection that serves as an important step for the young artist,” fans can get a preview of the full album starting today at AOL and catch him on LIVE on 9/13 at 2:40pm Eastern.  Covington will also perform his latest hit, “Drinking Side Of Country,” on new late night program The Nick & Artie Show (DirectTV and SiriusXM) on Wednesday, September 13. Other upcoming appearances include ABC News Now, and
“Fans can be “good guys” too as a portion of the proceeds of the album’s first week sales will benefit the International Association of Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation. His work with the organization is highlighted on CNN’s Impact Your World this week.
“As part of his continuing effort to support our nation’s fire fighters, Bucky will join the Fire Department, City of New York ‘s (FDNY) Pipes and Drums band at dusk on September 11 to perform “God Bless The U.S.A.” and join the procession to FDNY Engine 10/Ladder 10 to remember the fallen. He’ll also take part in the Fallen Fire Fighter’s Memorial on September 15 from Colorado Springs.”

Bucky Russell County 054Over the past several years, I’ve shared a number of articles with you all about Bucky’s involvement with Help the Good Guys. I hope you will visit their web site, where you will not only learn about the work they do, but you can catch a few great pictures of Bucky, and learn more about his involvement with the group. When I visited with Bucky on Saturday night, he told me he is proud of his work with Help the Good Guys. “The organization does so much to help firefighters who were hurt on the job,” Bucky said. “They help to raise money, as well as awareness for those injured firefighters,” he said. “Part of the proceeds from the first week of album sales will be going to benefit this group,” Bucky explained.

Bucky Russell County 271Now, back to this great CD. I’m going to start with track 11 – It’s called “Gotta Be Somebody”, and you might remember hearing this song before. It was the first official single released by Nickelback from their sixth album, “Dark  Horse,” back in 2008.  And I have to say this – Bucky’s version of the song is just so much better. It’s actually one of my favorites on this CD.

The CD opens with “I Wanna Be That Feeling.” Bucky released that one. I have no idea why it didn’t get the air time on country radio that I think it deserved. This is the kind of song we expect to hear on the radio. It’s the kind we wait for – and I am sure everyone who hears it will do what I did … start singing along with the chorus before you’ve played through the song the first time. It’s catchy, it’s a fun song, and you just want to sing along with it. Bucky Russell County 278Bucky slows things down with the second one. “I’m Alright” is slow, and it’s good – it tells a story. And that’s what country music is supposed to do. It’s one of the songs that as soon as you hear it, you know that’s Bucky singing. There’s something so recognizable about his voice that you can’t imagine anyone else singing something he would have sung. That one is followed by “Hold a Woman.” I’m not sure where that ‘raspy’ voice came from – but I think it’s sexy. Great song for Bucky. It’s a slow song, too.

Bucky Russell County 052Most of us have probably already heard “Drinkin’ Side of Country.’ That’s the duet with Shooter Jennings, that made a great video with a cameo appearance by Kellie Pickler. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it on YouTube. It’s one of many Bucky songs that I think should be on the radio – and I have no reasonable explanation for why it isn’t. During my visit with Bucky before his show on Saturday night, I asked him how the collaboration with Shooter came about. He said when he wrote the song (co-written with brother Rocky), he intended for it to be a good male duet. “When Shooter heard it, he liked it, and came in to record it,” Bucky said. “Kellie Pickler got into the video because of the Dukes of Hazard type theme – she made a good Daisy Duke,” he added. (Photo above is Bucky with Louie and Slim, who get to travel with him to some of his shows. Slim is a hound/black labrador, who Bucky said is "Lab-adorable”. He’s 13 years old; Louie is a schnauzer/yorkie, age 3).

Bucky Russell County 101“Only Got So Much Time’ is pretty much the story of everyone’s life. It puts you in mind a little of songs like “You’re Gonna Miss This,” or “Don’t Miss Your Life,” and even Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying.” So while it’s not really a slow, sad kind of song – it’s going to get you to thinking.  “Mamma Must be Praying” is sitting in the sixth spot on the track list. This is a fast one, with a familiar melody. I never heard it before, so obviously it reminds me of something, but I have no idea what. It’s not my favorite on the album – but I don’t dislike it either.

If you were waiting for sad and depressing – Bucky’s got one of those for you. “Sail On” is a real country break-up song. Even though it’s a sad song, and love comes to an end, and … well, you know — it’s still a pretty song. And I liked it. But get ready folks, because after you listen to that one, and you’re ready to wipe a tear or two… here comes “I Always Said You’d Be Back.” Suddenly, we’re standing up, dancing, and singing again – even though we don’t know the words to the song. This is a fun ‘she’s back’ song.

Bucky Russell County 196“Mexicoma” starts with the feel of a mariachi band, a little brass, a little fun… a little bit of ‘this makes me want to jump on a plane and take a vacation.’  It’s a good song, it’s everything you might expect from a ‘let’s go to Mexico, sit on the beach, and drink Tequila’ song. That brings us to “I Want My Life Back.” and we’re back to slow, a little bit depressing, a little sad… but one of my absolute favorites on this album.

Over-all, I think the album is very, very good. I can’t imagine it not being part of any country music fan’s collection. And if you’re a Bucky Covington fan, then you have definitely got to get your hands on this one. Keep in mind, too, that if you get the album during the first week it’s out – a portion of the proceeds are going to go to For the Good Guys organization.

1. ‘I Wanna Be That Feeling’
2. ‘I’m Alright’
3. ‘Hold a Woman’
4. ‘Drinkin’ Side of Country’ (Duet with Shooter Jennings)
5. ‘Only Got So Much Time’
6. ‘Mama Must Be Prayin”
7. ‘Sail On’
8. ‘I Always Said You’d Be Back’
9. ‘Mexicoma’
10. ‘I Want My Life Back’
11. ‘Gotta Be Somebody’
12. ‘A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)’

There you have it. Those are my thoughts on a CD I believe you are all going to really enjoy. Go get one, and let me know what you think.

Back later!
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Album Launch Week to include national TV and Firefighter Memorial Performance from New York I had one of the best Monday’s ever. It was a Monday for sure, very busy day at the office – but I got to listen to eight full hours of Bucky...