Kip Moore 154It was just a small county fair. It had funnel cakes, animals and carnival rides. But when Kip Moore stepped out on to that stage, our small county fair became the best Nashville had to offer. This was the second time in as many years that I was privileged to see Kip perform in front of a live audience. The last time he was opening for Trace Adkins. Tonight, he was the headliner.

Kip Moore 041The last time, he had “Mary was the Marrying Kind’ on the radio. This time, he had a No. 1 single, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck,’” under his belt, and his third single, “Beer Money,” working its way up the country music charts. Kip has been touring with Eric Church, and from the sold-out crowd at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va., it was very obvious that his fan base is still growing.

Kip Moore 053We heard a lot of stories from Kip tonight. He talked to his audience about growing up in Georgia. He talked to us about the first time he borrowed his dad’s truck. He talked a little about 9/11 – the date of his show, and as we all remember, the date America was attacked by terrorists 11 years ago. And following each story, there was a song. “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” followed the story about how, after borrowing his dad’s truck, he realized that women seem to like trucks! After his mention of 9/11, he did a song that I think was called “Hear My Battle Cry.” It was a song I wasn’t familiar with, but it definitely did what it was supposed to do – that was to think about out military personnel, where they are, and what they are doing for us.

Kip Moore 024A lot of our young artists are getting good at interacting with their audience. But I think Kip is one of the best in that department. He did a little more than interact from the stage, too. There were several times during the show when he actually got off the stage, down into the audience, and sang to his fans as he walked among them. He even went outside the fence of the reserved seating area to get close to the fans who were standing near the fence to watch the show.

Kip Moore 067It was obvious people have bought, and are listening to his CD, “Up All Night” – and they are listening often enough to learn the words to the songs. You could hear a lot of the audience singing along to songs like “Hey Pretty Girl.”  I found new ‘favorites’ as I listened to him sing tonight. I’m not even sure of the names of all of the songs he sang. I loved “Unless Heaven Has a Dirt Road,” (and again – I’m guessing that might be the title). I liked the one about the motorcycle. But to try and single out any one song, or any one part of the show I liked most, would be an impossible task. It was all great. And Kip just keeps proving that he is doing what he does, because he is very good at it.Kip Moore 035Each member of Kip’s band seems to like what they do, too. The talented group of musicians who make up that band are Adam Browder and Dave Lapsley on guitar; Manny Medina on bass; and Matt Bubel on drums. You’ll be seeing pictures of them at the end of this write-up.

Kip Moore 088The people that made up the audience might surprise you – there were men and women, young children, teenagers, adults and even what those of us who fit into the category would call ‘senior citizens.’ It’s obvious everyone likes Kip Moore. And he seemed to like all of us, too. He mentioned touring with Eric Church, with shows six nights a week. You know the kid has got to be tired. But he not only stayed to sign autographs for everyone after the show – he even announced during the show that he would be doing that, which of course meant a very large group of people waited in a very long line to get their autograph from Kip. You’ve all heard me say this before, and I’m going to say it again – I hope that appreciation to his fans, and even thanking them for coming to the show, is one thing Kip never outgrows. 

Kip Moore 223Before I go on with more show pictures – I need to tell you about the group of fans above. They are from Damascus, Va., not too far from the fairgrounds. They came to the show, they hung around the bus hoping to get a handshake or a hello from Kip, they then joined the hundreds of folks in the autograph line, and they were kind enough to let me shoot a photo of their little group to post for all of you here. So above, we have Presley Patrick, Brooke Trivett, Adrienne Ashby, Kacy Thomson and Chanteyl Nickels. Thanks girls. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Now that you all know how much I liked the show tonight. Let me share a few more pictures with you.

Kip Moore 023Kip Moore 027

Kip Moore 036Kip Moore 040

Kip Moore 057Kip Moore 033Kip Moore 095

Kip Moore 226Kip Moore 048

Kip Moore 187Kip Moore 210

Kip Moore 211Kip Moore 125Kip Moore 207

That’s it for now – great night – great show – if you haven’t seen Kip on stage, and the opportunity presents itself – go!

More later!

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It was just a small county fair. It had funnel cakes, animals and carnival rides. But when Kip Moore stepped out on to that stage, our small county fair became the best Nashville had to offer. This was the second time in as many years that I was privileged...