Vasser High Valley D 042When I hear a new song on the radio, I decide almost instantly if I like it. A few of them have had to grow on me, but for the most part – I know right away. I definitely knew right away that “Love You For A Long Time” would quickly become one of my favorite songs. Even though it isn’t the ‘traditional, older-sounding country’ that I love so much, it is the kind of song that I wanted to sing along with, even before I had heard it all the way through for the first time. Very catchy melody, easy to remember words, generally it’s a great song. I don’t usually decide how well I like a new artist until I have seen them perform live. I can now say, I like High Valley a lot.

Vasser High Valley D 018Sometimes, it’s two or three songs later until I finally get to a show by the new artist that gave me music I really like. With High Valley, I didn’t have to wait long. Last night, I had that opportunity when this group when they took the stage at the Paramount Theater in Bristol, Tenn., to open for Phil Vassar. Now, I can officially say – I love this group.

Vasser High Valley D 055They have their own sound. Very recognizable. Very good. And a sound you aren’t likely to confuse with anyone else when you hear them on the radio. Their harmonies are perfect, their instrumental talent will definitely make their music teachers proud, and they have an ability to entertain the audience with a style that is simply their own.

Vasser High Valley D 056I was busy juggling three cameras, a note pad, and a pen – I wasn’t getting the pictures I was hoping for, and I wasn’t taking the notes I wanted to take. However, that obviously means I was using all of my time and energy enjoying the music I was hearing and the show I was seeing. And that says a lot for High Valley. The group is made up of three brothers, Brad, Bryan and Curtis Rempel. And they didn’t just sing – they talked to their audience a little, something I always enjoy when I go to a show.

Vasser High Valley D 057In addition to putting on what can only be described as a great opening set, the kids are as pleasant a group as you could ever hope to meet. They took time both before and after the show to visit with their fans, and there was no such thing as ‘too many requests.’ They posed for every picture the fans asked for, and signed every autograph.

Vassar Marsh Regional 046This had to be a long and tiring day for them, especially Bryan and Curtis, who had given blood earlier that day at the Marsh Regional Blood Center blood drive. If you missed that article, you can read it by clicking here. Pictured above is Curtis, with his blood drive nurse Brittany Roberts, after donating blood just hours before the show.

Vasser High Valley D 060I believe High Valley will be on the country music charts for a long time. And I’m sure they will be very busy opening for many of today’s top country artists – at least for now. But one day, I expect this trio to be headlining their own shows. I hope you will all have a chance to get out and see them sometime soon. I know you will enjoy yourself as much as I did!

Here are a few more photos from before, during and after last night’s great High Valley show!
  Vasser High Valley D 062 

Vasser High Valley D 015 Vasser High Valley D 030

 Vasser High Valley D 010 Vasser High Valley D 183

I’ll be back later tonight, or early tomorrow to tell you all about Phil Vassar’s show last night. Gotta thank Bryan, Brad and Curtis for a great show last night, and a fun visit during the day and after the show. We really appreciate your blood donation at our Marsh Regional Blood Center blood drive, too.


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When I hear a new song on the radio, I decide almost instantly if I like it. A few of them have had to grow on me, but for the most part – I know right away. I definitely knew right away that “Love You For A Long Time”...