Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 008I have a lot to talk about tonight, and a lot of pictures to share, too. The article is to tell you about Haley & Michaels. And, we’ve got a contest! I’ll tell you about that at the end. But I have to start by telling you about these kids, their music, and their show.

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 046Back on January 17, 2013, I shared a video with you. It was the new duo, Haley & Michaels. The video was their cover of Hunter Hayes hit single, “Wanted.” If you missed seeing that, you can watch by clicking here. The video was good. I knew the kids were talented. So I was really happy when I found out that I was going to get to see them do a show at 12th and Porter on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 031Did you ever get ready to go to a show, and expect to see an acoustic show, with maybe a piano helping out? Well, after seeing the video – that’s what I thought I was going to find at 12th and Porter. Let me tell you, I was in for quite a surprise at that show. I got there early enough for a table right in front of the stage. I got my camera out, and my notebook, and I was ready. But I still didn’t know what I was ready for until Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels stepped out on that stage.

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 061This was not just a surprise, it was a very pleasant surprise. The kids were not alone. I was not getting an acoustic show, I got a full band. A band of very talented musicians. Shannon and Ryan work so well with their band. They work well together, and they work well with their audience. They never forgot there were people sitting in front of them, and that is who they were singing for. Joining them on stage were Eddie Robinson, lead guitar; Josh Schultz, keyboards; Nolan Verner, bass; and Noah Hungate, drums.

I like the fact that they talked to the audience. They told us about their debut single, “The Price I Pay,” which is also the first song they co-wrote. The video was shot in Nashville, and is scheduled to premier on TNN on Friday, March 1, as part of the Top 10 Countdown. Above is the lyric video for “The Price I Pay.” I love the lyrics. I love the melody. This song is so ready for county radio. I’m really anxious to hear what all of you think of this song. Let me know if you think it has “H-I-T” written all over it!

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 059With the exception of the Hunter Hayes song, “Wanted,” everything else they did was new to me. And I didn’t hear anything I didn’t like. We are all in for a real treat when Haley & Michaels are ready to release a CD. I know that, like me, you are going to want a copy in your CD collection.

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 015They sang one that I think was called “I Will not Fall in Love With You Again.” That may not be the title, but whatever it’s called. I loved it. “Beautiful Life” is another great song. And I’m just hoping everything I heard at 12th and Porter on Thursday night will be on their first CD.

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 048My only complaint about the show was that it ended far too soon. The set may have been long enough for many newer artists. But these two definitely left me wanting more.  I would have been willing to sit there and listen as long as they would have been willing to sing. I believe the rest of the audience would agree with me.‘

Haley & Michaels Nashville Grandkids 032I had an opportunity to talk briefly with Shannon and Michael after the show. They could not have been any nicer. Two very friendly, very pleasant people. They are both from Northern California. Ryan was in Nashville before Haley moved here. These two meeting was a good thing for music! They are great together – both writing and performing.  I hope I have the opportunity to see them again.

posterandtshirthmCONTEST: How would you like to win a Haley & Michaels poster and a T-shirt? I’ve got one for you! You know how this works. Just send an e-mail with your name and mailing address. One winner will be selected at random, and will receive the poster and a t-shirt (for a man or a woman). The deadline to enter will be Saturday, March 23, 2013. Send the e-mail to country@countryschatter.com.

That’s all for tonight. I had a great trip to Nashville – now I have a lot of catching up to do! I’ll get more up later! I will probably do a little ‘picture post’, and just put up some photos from Nashville.

Back soon!

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I have a lot to talk about tonight, and a lot of pictures to share, too. The article is to tell you about Haley & Michaels. And, we’ve got a contest! I’ll tell you about that at the end. But I have to start by telling you about these...