LoCash Cowboys 2 063There is no question about it – LoCash Cowboys are way up at the top of my ‘list of favorites’. I’ve had a chance to see them in concert several times, and I am anxious to have that opportunity again. They put on a great show, and Their music is great. I can’t believe they are just now releasing their DEBUT album! But, that’s what the press release said. My favorite LoCash song is now, and probably always will be, “Keep In Mind”. Not only are these two very talented entertainers, they are awesome songwriters. And, I can’t talk about Preston and Chris without saying what great guys they are. They definitely care about their fans, and go out of their way to make time for autographs and pictures.

LoCash Cowboys 2 024Powerhouse singer/songwriting duo, LoCash Cowboys, self-titled Average Joes Entertainment debut album, scheduled for release June 18, 2013, is a diverse collection of songs that captures the high-energy, roof-raising spirit of the group’s phenomenal live shows and delivers what fans have come to expect. Produced by Shannon “Fat Shan” Houchins, Noah Gordon and Jeffrey Steele, the album will be available everywhere music is sold.

LoCash Cowboys 113Introducing the album, the lead single, “Chase a Little Love,” is “immensely and endearingly sincere…and the glistening production scores bonus points (Robert Oermann).  View the “fast and furious” video for “Chase a Little Love” on CMT.com, CMT Pure, CMT Mobile, GAC and TCN. In addition, a live acoustic version of the song, shot in California in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, is featured on Ram Country on Yahoo! Music’s “Music With a View.”

LoCash Cowboys 2 111Talented songwriters as well as entertainers, LoCash’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust co-wrote ten of the twelve tracks on the album. Gifted songwriter, Jeffrey Steele, also contributed his writing talents on six tracks on the project. One of the highlights of the album is "Independent Trucker," featuring the late George Jones. The up-tempo country joyride and tribute to the “Possum” was one of the last tracks Jones recorded.

LoCash Cowboys 130Whether showcasing their light-hearted, fun-loving edge on the redneck anthem, “Hey, Hey, Hey,” “Little Miss Crazyhot,” “Bounce,” or their emotional side on, “I Hope,” “Best Seat in the House,” Chris’s tribute to his late father, and “Keep in Mind,” a parent’s loving farewell to a child venturing into the world, the offering proves to have something for every fan.

LoCash Cowboys 2 081“Country music really boils down to the power of the song,” sums up the eloquent Preston Brust. “We wanted to broaden our listeners, to reach the older crowd, the younger crowd, and the middle crowd. And we really tried to pick songs that were the best songs we could find to define LoCash. Hopefully we achieve that in this album.”

LoCash Cowboys 127“It’s true. We’ve captured everything LoCash is about on this album. It’s all killer, no filler,” adds Chris Lucas.

LoCashTrack List:
1.     Hey, Hey, Hey (Jeffrey Steele, Preston Burst, Chris Lucas)
2.     Chase a Little Love (Preston Brust, Jaron Boyer)
3.     Love Drunk (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Skip Black)
4.     Bet Seat in the House (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Aaron Barker)
5.     Bounce (Preston Brust,  Chris Lucas and C. Janson)
6.     Make it Look Good (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, C. Janson)
7.     Little Miss Crazyhot (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Steve Dean, Wil Nance)
8.     I Hope (Jeffrey Steele, Preston Brust, Chris Lucas)
9.     Fine (Jeffrey Steele, Preston Brust, Chris Lucas)
10.  Keep in Mind (Jeffrey Steele, Shane Minor)
11.  Independent Trucker- Featuring George Jones (Jeffrey Steele, Chris Stapleton)
12.  C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. (Jeffrey Steele, Preston Brust, Chris Lucas)

LoCash Cowboys 111Upcoming Tour Dates:
05/24 Fort Walton Beach, FL
05/25 Monticello, MS
06/01 Eau Claire, WI
06/07 Ozark, AR
06/08 Lime Springs, IA
06/13 Hunter, NY
06/14 Marinette, WI
06/15 Karlstad, MN
06/16 St. Charles, IA
06/20 Grand Junction, CO
06/21 Omaha, NE
06/22 Hilliard, OH
06/29 Manhattan, KS
07/05 Greeley, CO
07/11 Tuolumne City, CA
07/14 Syracuse, NY
07/17 Eau Claire, WI
07/18 Eau Claire, WI
07/19 Grey Eagle, MN
07/20 West Branch, MI
07/21 Tooele, UT
07/24 Wichita, KS
07/25 Merriam, KS
07/26 Owensville, MO
07/27 Le Mars, IA
08/02 Roosevelt, UT
08/03 Akron, CO
08/06 Eminence, MO
08/07 Terre Haute, IN
08/09 Victoria, KS
08/10 Bevier, MO
08/17 Kokomo, IN
08/24 West Union, WV
08/30 Mt. Pleasant, IA
08/31 Owensboro, KY
09/01 Independence, MO
09/11 Ketchum, ID
09/12-14 Pendleton, OR
09/15 Hood River, OR
10/06 Newport News, VA
10/10 Shreveport, LA
10/19 Fort Yates, ND

I’m not seeing any shows close to me on that list – but maybe, just maybe I can make that one in Owensboro, Kentucky. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Remember you can keep up with Chris and Preston on Twitter, by following them @locashcowboys.

Back with more soon!

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There is no question about it – LoCash Cowboys are way up at the top of my ‘list of favorites’. I’ve had a chance to see them in concert several times, and I am anxious to have that opportunity again. They put on a great show, and Their music...