RH-CntryFeels-cvr-5x5Randy Houser has been one of my favorite artists since the first day I heard him on the radio. He still is. So, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get a review of his album, “How Country Feels”, posted for all of you. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, you’re going to want one. This CD would make the perfect stocking-stuffer for all the country music fans on your Christmas shopping list.

Randy was a songwriter in Nashville long before his first single was released to radio. Although he wrote hit singles for Trace Adkins, Justin Moore, and others, Randy’s first radio release was not a song he wrote. “Anything Goes”, co-written by Brice Long and John Wiggins, was released back in 2008, caught the attention of country music fans, radio program directors, and even David Letterman, who was quick to schedule Randy for an appearance on the national television program Late Night with David Letterman.

SONY DSC“How Country Feels” is the title of Randy’s third studio album. That is also the title of his first number one single, which he released from this album. The second single released from this album, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight,” also went to number one. The other 13 songs on this CD are all great songs, and every one of them has the potential to become a hit for one of country music’s most talented artists.

The 15 songs you will get on this CD are Runnin’ Outta Moonlight, Top of the World, The Singer, Power of a Song, Absolutely Nothing, Wherever Love Goes (featuring Kristy Lee Cook), Like a Cowboy, How Country Feels, Along the Ride, Sunshine on the Line, Goodnight Kiss, Let’s Not Let It, Shine, and Route 3 Box 250D.

There’s nothing about this album that country music fans won’t like. The songs on this album work for Randy, giving him one opportunity after the next to show off his powerful vocals. His genre is unquestionably country. As for style, that seems to be contemporary country, and even a little country-pop. One thing for sure, Randy stuck with what has worked for him in the past, and this CD is one that works for his fans. I never give albums I review a rating, but if I were going to do that with this one, it would definitely receive ‘five out of five stars’.

Randy Houser 472The ballad, “Power of a Song,” is beautifully written, with a chorus filled with lyrics the listener will remember. ‘That’s the power of a song, it grabs you by the heart, it’s gonna find you when it wants you, no matter where you are. That’s the miracle of music, love’s the only thing as strong, that can move you when you hear it, that’s the power, the power of a song’. You put those lyrics with Randy’s voice, and you have something you are going to want to listen to again, and again.

One of my favorite songs on this album is called “Wherever Love Goes”. This is also my favorite song on radio right now. On Randy’s album, he sings lead, and the song features Kristy Lee Cook. You may have already heard this song on the radio. Kristy Lee released it as her single, and on the one radio is playing she has the lead and Randy is the featured artist. Both versions are good, and either one could have been released to radio.

While he is an accomplished writer, Randy had a lot of help with this album. He wrote just seven of the 15 songs on this CD, and had help with the rest from some of the best writers in Nashville. Zac Brown and Levi Lowrey co-wrote “Along For the Ride,” and Lee Brice, Joe Leathers and Vicky McGehee penned “Absolutely Nothing,” an up-beat song that is really about ‘absolutely nothing’. “Goodnight Kiss,” co-written by Randy, Rob Hatch and Jason Sellers, is the third song from this album to be released as a single.

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Randy Houser has been one of my favorite artists since the first day I heard him on the radio. He still is. So, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get a review of his album, “How Country Feels”, posted for all of you....