BrinleyI am so honored to be able to say I have known Brinley Addington for a number of years. I’ve been watching him grow as an artist, adding something new every time he stepped on stage. I keep waiting for the rest of the world to see what Brinley’s very large fan base sees in him, and in his talent. The music he gives us in his new album, Middle of Nowhere, may be just what the world is waiting for. For more than two years, Brinley has been working under the guidance of Chris Young. Chris is definitely a good influence on any up-and-coming country singer. [Article]

Brinley Addington Capones 079I’ve seen Brinley as the headliner at places like Capone’s in Johnson City, and Steele Creek Park in Bristol. But, I’ve also seen him opening for Gretchen Wilson, Jack Ingram, Confederate Railroad and Jon Pardi, and Collin Raye. But, his on-stage experience goes far beyond these few shows I’ve seen. He has also shared the stage with Florida-Georgia Line, Justin Moore, The Band Perry, Eli Young Band, Josh Turner, and many others. He has played some of the most well-known clubs, and I’m sure he needs to keep his bags packed, because he will be traveling to a lot of new locations before very long.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with. So many cool things are happening, it’s just unreal,” Brinley said in an interview recently. “I get to live in Nashville, TN, write with some of my songwriting heroes, and get to travel to so many cool places to play shows with artists I’ve looked up to for a long time. It’s awesome. I just want to keep writing and recording good, relatable, country music that honors tradition and still speaks to my generation. So far, I’m having a blast and can’t wait for everyone to hear this new music.”

2be6370f-fde7-4ca8-83b0-79f4ecec4facMiddle of Nowhere was produced by Phil O’Donnell and Aaron Eshuis. The songs you will hear on this sophomore CD are Sliding Over, Love This Pain, Middle of Nowhere, Holding Me Here, Lonely Girl, I Don’t Care, and Better When I’m Gone. Brinley had a hand in writing four of the seven songs on this album. While I have my favorites, I think all of the songs are very well written, and ready for radio.

Brinley Addington Capones 047“Lonely Girl” (written by Brinley, Phil O’Connell and Wade Kirby), is a little faster than mid-tempo, and I like the story. This is a nice ‘boy meets girl’ story. The kind that ends with ‘you’ll never be lonely, girl’. “I Don’t Care” (written by Casey Beathard and Dean Dillon), is a slow,’ make you want to hold someone you love and dance’ song. This is the kind of song you want to listen to. Not the kind you want to sing along with. For me, the sing-along song on this CD is the title track, “Middle of Nowhere” (written by Ryan Hurd. Joey Hyde, Aaron Eshuis and Matthew McGinn). While any one of the songs on this album would sound great on the radio, I believe “Middle of Nowhere” is the right one to release as a single.

“Sliding Over” (Brinley, Ryan Hurd, Aaron Eshuis); “Love This Pain” (Marv Green, Jason Sellers) and “Better When I’m Gone” (Brinley, Tofer Brown) and “Holding Me Here” (Brinley, Jenn Schott) are the other for offerings on this album. Every song you will hear has something different to tell. Each has its own beat, its own story, its own sound. Yet, each one is unmistakably Brinley Addington. There is a uniqueness in his voice. You only have to hear him once, and you will remember that voice. Brinley will tell you that he has been influenced by a number of artists, but it’s obvious he never tried to imitate any of them. He didn’t have to.

The thing that stands out the most about the music is that it is country music. And, while some of the songs might lean just a little toward today’s ‘country/pop’ sound – none of it falls into the area of country/rock or country/rap. And, all of it leans very much toward what country music is supposed to sound like. You can order this album on iTunes, or on Brinley’s web site.

Brinley Addington Capones 013I was sorry I didn’t get to stay long on Saturday night, at his Johnson City CD Release Show. He had a full house, and I’m sure he will be filling houses everywhere he goes.

In addition to his web site, be sure to visit Brinley’s Facebook page. You can follow him on Twitter @Brinley_. And as always, we invite you to follow Country’s Chatter on Twitter, too. You will find us @countryschatter.

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I am so honored to be able to say I have known Brinley Addington for a number of years. I’ve been watching him grow as an artist, adding something new every time he stepped on stage. I keep waiting for the rest of the world to see what Brinley’s...