HaileySteeleI’m not a fan of reality television. At least not the kind where someone is supposed to pick a bride out or 25 hopefuls they never met before; or if it is a show where someone is gong to get voted off an island, kicked out of a house, exposed as a mole, or on a team chasing other teams around the world. I am, however, a fan of shows that bring us new, exciting talent. One of those shows, as you probably noticed in a recent review, is The Voice.

1413239031680Hailey Steele also comes to us from the Voice, where she was a contestant on Season 2. She is one person who has obviously used that elimination to fuel her determination. A South Dakota native, now residing in Nashville, Hailey continues singing, writing songs, touring, and is now about to release a self-titled EP. That will happen on Nov. 18.  The folks here at Country’s Chatter have already had a chance to listen to the EP. Now that we listened, we are anxious to tell you what we heard.

It’s usually easy to review an EP with only five songs on it. You listen, and then you listen again – and you pretty much know what you think about the songs. That wasn’t quite the case with Hailey. We listened to the five songs, and then we listened again. And, they we all said “aren’t there anymore? These are really good!”. Hailey seems to have learned early that one key to success is to always leave your audience wanting more. She certainly did that with her new EP.

Hailey 1The first song is called “Getaway Car”. I like the story – the getaway car isn’t to run from the police, or because she robbed a bank. She’s out for a good time. Vegas maybe…take a shotgun Romeo, put the top down, turn the radio up, and head out of town. “Who cares if we don’t come back, I’m alright with that, I want you to take me there – just take me there”. You don’t need to listen to anymore, that one is ready to ship to radio.

But, please don’t stop there. Listen to Hailey slow things down just a little with “Diamonds”. You get the moral of this story right away – ‘Diamonds take patience, and pressure, and time’. And, so do people. Getting things we want, and working toward goals takes time, and patience, and pressure. This is a great song, and a great story. It is probably my favorite on the EP.

“Boyfriend” comes up next. This one is different. Puts me a little in mind of Taylor Swift’s early songs. She starts with a nice melody, and the line ‘I want your boyfriend, I’m not going to lie.’ And, then – the tune changes a little big – almost like it doesn’t fit anymore, but it really does. It shows her versatility, and it shows she’s talented. When I talked to Hailey last, I failed to ask her who wrote these songs. I know she writes, I don’t if she wrote the songs on this EP, or had a co-writing hand in them. There is not a bad song in the group.

HaileyEveryone has someone in their life who is up on a high horse, and needs to get off of there! Her song, “High Horse” talks about just that kind of person. Like she says, when you knock someone off their high horse, it’s going to be a long way down. I can picture Miranda Lambert doing this one. That’s one thing that bothers me about radio these days. If Miranda recorded this song, it would get picked up by every radio station in the country, and they would play it from day one until it became number one. But most of our Top 40 stations don’t seem to be willing to give that opportunity to a new artist, even when they have a great song. I guess I just don’t understand the industry. But, I do understand good music, and Haley does have an EP here that is full of it.

I was very happy that Hailey closed the EP with a slow song. “You Made It That Way,” isn’t really slow – but it is the slowest one on the album. What a great voice this young lady has. You know that when you hear the first four, but it really comes out in the last song. Maybe because things slowed down a little bit, maybe because of the kind of song it is.

Hailey 5So often there is at least a piece of an artists bio that puts everything in perspective for me. With Hailey, it was this line: “Her rootsy upbringing is embedded in her songs, where she’ll go from wine-drinking heartbreakers to Jesus jams, bridging the gap between classic and today’s country.” I have a feeling the readers here at Country’s Chatter are going to fall in love with Hailey Steele and her music.

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I’m not a fan of reality television. At least not the kind where someone is supposed to pick a bride out or 25 hopefuls they never met before; or if it is a show where someone is gong to get voted off an island, kicked out of a house,...