Brandon MMore than once I have listened to a song, and thought to myself – ‘that is one great song, but why is that person trying to sing it?’. The other side of that coin is when you hear a song that just isn’t very well written at all, and yet, there is an awesome voice singing it. At that point, you just kind of shake your head and tell yourself, ‘that is one great artist, but where in the world did that song come from?’. Then, someone gets it right! Or in this case, they get it perfect. In fact, they get it picture perfect. That singer is Brandon Maddox, and that song is “Picture Perfect” I watched the video, and listened to the song, and it just all worked together. Brandon is the person who is supposed to be singing this song. What a great introduction to this new country artist.

I refer to Brandon as a ‘new country artist’. I often make the mistake of doing that, when the artist is ‘new to me’. Many of you have already seen him on stage, and heard his songs, since he has written more than 900 songs, and has had 18 of them recorded by other artists. One of those songs was even in the movie, “Unconditional”.

Brandon CDIf someone wanted a quick answer to the question, “Who does he remind you of?”, based on “Picture Perfect”, I would say an early Brad Paisley. Then I listened to “No Holding Back”, and didn’t think Brad Paisley at all. When I got to “A Day in the Life of a Guitar Man,” I thought – no, he’s simply Brandon Maddox! No need to try to compare him to anyone else. Upbeat, catchy melody, memorable lyrics are what you find in “You Get Me That Way,” which you will find along with the other songs I’ve been talking about, is from his EP “Weightless”. I can’t stop there without at least mentioning that title track. “Weightless” is another example of how this artists/writer, has managed to keep his music in line with today’s country, without totally losing what country music is really all about. He has kept his ability to keep it country, tell a good story, sing a great song, and still have it ‘pop’ enough to entertain today’s new country music fans.

maddox-closeBrandon has shared the stage with Brett Eldredge, given performances at clubs and festivals all across the country, and has appeared on television and radio. He is an artist/singer/songwriter – and those of you who were at CMA Fest just may have seen his performance  there. He’s been at Shawnee Riverfest, World Café Live in Philadelphia, and many other major venues across America.

While I am just becoming familiar with Brandon and his music, let me share what some of the industry people are saying about him. Looks like I’m a little slow jumping on the fan-band wagon with this one. “Brandon fuses modern and traditional Country into a powerful sound all his own.”-Doug Sisemore (Reba McEntire’s Band Leader and Keyboardist)  “Definitely a rising star over The Music City that I think we are going to be hearing alot from soon.”-Jamie Roberts (WOGT/WSKZ Chattanooga, TN)  “One of the hardest working singers in Nashville! This guy needs a major label deal!”-Roy August (Hall of Fame Songwriter)  “Brandon is the absolute real deal.”-Danny Kravitz (Singer/Songwriter for film/T.V.)

Brandon M 1Check all those show dates on his web page! If you happen to be in Florida, you have a lot of opportunities to se Brandon. He has shows booked between now and March throughout Florida; and a few after that in Mississippi, Illinois, Vermont, Nebraska, Vermont and Tennessee. I know I will be keeping my eye on his schedule, hoping I can catch up with him sometime in the near future.

This seems like the perfect place to share Brandon’s video with all of you. After you watch, I hope you will let me know what you all think of Brandon and his music.

In addition to Brandon’s web site, please visit his Facebook page. He has a lot of information and photos there. And be sure to “Like” the page when you visit! You can follow him on Twitter, too, @Bmadmusic. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you! You will find us @countryschatter.

We’ll be back with more soon!


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More than once I have listened to a song, and thought to myself – ‘that is one great song, but why is that person trying to sing it?’. The other side of that coin is when you hear a song that just isn’t very well written at all, and...