Craig Campbell 2 113If you are one of the few Craig Campbell fans who has not yet heard his new single, “Tomorrow Tonight,” on your local country radio station, I hope you will call and request it. And, if your local station (like WXBQ 96.9 in our area) is already playing it, please call and keep requesting the song.  All of us here at Country’s Chatter have been fans of Craig for a long time.  We’ve had many articles up about his music, his videos, his shows, his career, and of course his charity work and fundraising efforts with his annual Cornhole Tournament.  Now, we have a new song to rave about, and a show to tell you about.

Craig Campbell 2 055“Tomorrow Tonight” is Craig’s debut single with Red Bow Records, and is the fourth most added song at country radio this week, with 42 first week stations. This is the lead track to his third studio album, and also a personal record for Craig, doubling his previous record for the most first week adds of his career.

Craig Campbell 2 119We were in the audience on Tuesday night (June 9), at The Stage on Broadway, where Craig put on a show for friends and fans, as a way to celebrate the single release and the great response to the song from radio. I almost hate to have to admit that this was the first time I’ve seen a live performance from Craig.  I’m sorry it took me this long, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to be there.  His personality on-stage is just what you would expect.  He not only enjoys performing, he has a way of making his audience feel welcome, and comfortable. He connects. When Craig talks to his audience from stage, it isn’t that much different from sitting across a table and having a little conversation with him.  We loved hearing him sing all the songs that have helped build his career. And, a lot of the cover songs he used to sing at that venue when he was just starting out.

Craig Campbell 2 128Since I’ve always had a really hard time getting “Outta My Head” outta mine…I just always thought that one would stay my all-time favorite Craig Campbell song. But, I think it is probably going to be, at the very least, a tie with the new one. Craig is hoping this one might be his first No. 1.  I’m not going to argue with him about that. It is more than ‘as good as’ everything we are hearing on country radio these days.  There has never been anything about Craig that isn’t easy to like.  He writes, he sings, he entertains, he pays attention to his audience and his fans, and his vocals are powerful.

Craig Campbell 2 074With songs like “Family Man,” “Outta My Head,” “Keep Those Kisses Comin’,” and “Fish” already behind him, I have no idea why country radio hasn’t been more receptive to Craig’s music.  We never really got the idea that Craig ever received that little extra ‘push’ the radio program managers seem to be so quick to give some of the other artists.  I am glad radio is paying close attention to “Tomorrow Tonight”, and I certainly hope that trend continues. The song was produced by Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore) and co-written by Craig, Justin Wilson and Vicky McGhee. It’s not been out that long – a lot of us are already singing along with it comes on the radio. That’s a good thing!

Craig Campbell 2 095We also had the chance to meet Craig’s beautiful (and talented) wife, Mindy at the event on Tuesday night. She is very nice, and it was great getting to meet her, too. I appreciated them taking a minute to stop and pose for this picture.  It was an exciting, and very busy evening for everyone – especially Craig, the band, and Mindy.

Craig Campbell 2 142In addition to Craig’s web site, go check out his Facebook page, and please remember to “Like” it while you are there!  Go spend a little time watching his videos on YouTube, too. You can also follow him on Twitter @craigcampbelltv. Craig makes the most of social media!  If you are still in Nashville, you might have seen the invitation he sent out on Twitter this morning for everyone to meet him at Dunkin Donuts for coffee!

I had an awesome time in Nashville. Sorry I wasn’t able to stay for CMA Fest, but I think I was there for some of the best parts. My Tuesday night at The Stage is definitely one of my highlights!  To all of you who are still in Nashville, have a great rest of your week! And please, send us your photos and tell us about your week.  We’d love to share your experience with our readers.

I have a lot of catching up to do – but we’ll be back with more soon!

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If you are one of the few Craig Campbell fans who has not yet heard his new single, “Tomorrow Tonight,” on your local country radio station, I hope you will call and request it. And, if your local station (like WXBQ 96.9 in our area) is already playing it,...