Daryle SingletaryI was going to wait until I had an opportunity to listen to this whole CD to tell you about it.  But, I haven’t had the chance, and the album is being released tomorrow (July 28, 2015). I wanted you all to be ready for this one!  You just have to know a little about it before it comes out.  Because every country music fan out there is going to want a copy of the new album from Daryle Singletary.

“There’s Still a Little Country Left” is the first album Daryle has released since 2009. Anyone who has been reading Country’s Chatter for the past eight (plus) years, knows that I am the world’s biggest fan of traditional country music!  It seems Daryle is, too,  He remains true to his roots, which he describes as “hardcore country traditionalist.”

I said I haven’t heard the entire album, but I did hear clips from the songs, and you can do that, too! Head over to Daryle’s web site. right there on the home page, he’s got a little player, hit that ‘Play” button and get ready!  You are  going to hear some real country music.  This is not the country/rock, country/rap, and country/pop stuff we are getting on Top 40 country radio stations these days.  You’re going to get the music that we all remember from when it really was country.  And, Daryle definitely knows what that music is supposed to sound like.

With an album name like “There’s Still A Little Country Left”, you get some idea what you are going to hear when you hit the play button on this one! There are fun songs, thought-provoking songs, songs that bring back a lot of memories, fast songs, slow songs, and a few mid-tempo.  But, there is one thing every one of these songs has in common. They are all great, and they are all country.

I’ve been visiting Daryle’s web site for a few weeks now, listening to these tracks and waiting for the release date.  We get a little more than a minute of each song on his web site. While that is enough for me to tell you about some of the songs, and to pick my favorites – it is also enough for me to know I have to have this album.  And, I think all of you are going to feel that way, too. “Say Hello To Heaven” is telling a story I want to hear the rest of.  He’s lost someone, someone he loved, someone a whole family loved.  And, that person was obviously killed in an auto accident…and, the lyrics are beautiful.  Go listen to it on the web site, tomorrow you can go to the store and get the album!

“Sunday Mornin’ Kind of Town” is the kind of Sunday I had growing up. A lot of our younger generation may not remember that kind of Sunday , but this song paints a great picture of what kind of day it was.  And, the kind of Sunday I would like to have again! Right after that great Sunday Mornin’ song, we get “Spilled Whiskey”. This is one of those song you can picture Daryle singing in front of a dancing crowd at a honky-tonk or a Texas dance hall.  Well, these days, most of us would call that place a ‘club’ or even just a ‘bar with a dance floor’.  It doesn’t matter what you call it. We all know that kind of place, and this is the kind of music that you would want to dance to when you get there.  It’s also the kind you are going to want to listen to, just because you can!

Daryle Singletary 12I believe the song “Like Family” might be my favorite. Like all of Daryle’s songs. There is a story here. It’s a story that a lot of today’s career people may have forgotten about.  That is how important family is.  This one is slow – it’s one of those ‘close your eyes, lean back in your chair, listen to the music, and remember’. But at the same time, the song is packed full of things that will make you realize, more than you did before, that your family is the most important thing you have.

“So Much Different Than Before” is really as much about growing up as it is about change.  This is such a great melody.  It’s a happy melody. Which kind of goes along with the story he’s telling.  How things aren’t just different than before, they are better.  He slows it back down a little with the next song. “Enough to Lie To Me” is wonderful.  Remember when we used to tell people how pretty their dress was, when was really awful.  Or, we might tell them that they really did a great job decorating their living room, when we actually thought it looked terrible.  And of course, there was the reference Daryle made to his parents telling him about Santa and flying reindeer.  He remembers those times. The whole point of this song is “Wouldn’t it be nice if someone still cared enough to lie to me”.

I’m not going to tell you about every song on the album.  But I sure do hope you will go over to his web site and listen. And after than, you are gong to want to head over to iTunes and get your copy.  Here is your album cover, and the full track list, which includes an awesome bonus track featuring Johnny Paycheck, on The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised.

There’s Still A Little Country Left
1. Get Out Of My Country
2. Say Hello To Heaven
3. Sunday Mornin’ Kind of Town
4. Spilled Whiskey
5. Like Family
6. So Much Different Than Before
7. Enough To Lie To Me
8. Wanna Be That Feeling
9. Too Late To Save the World
10. There’s Still A Little Country Left
11.  America (Bonus Track)
12. The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised – Feat. Johnny Paycheck (Bonus Track)

Daryle Singletary 13In addition to Daryle’s web site, be sure to visit his Facebook page. And, remember to “Like” it while you are there! If you have a Twitter account, you can follow Daryle @DaryleSing. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you! You will find us @countryschatter.

Back with more soon!

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I was going to wait until I had an opportunity to listen to this whole CD to tell you about it.  But, I haven’t had the chance, and the album is being released tomorrow (July 28, 2015). I wanted you all to be ready for this one!  You just...